AOR Ortho Iron 30 Veg-Caps

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  • Prevents and treats iron deficiency anemia
  • Contains a highly absorbable source of iron
  • Includes nutrients and vitamins that support healthy iron levels
  • Supports the production of red blood cells
  • Non-constipating formula that is easier on the stomach than other iron formulas

An Important Mineral
Iron is an essential mineral in the body. It is involved in energy production and also is a key component of hemoglobin the molecule that transports oxygen to the cells. Deficiencies in iron can lead to anemia, which results in weakness, fatigue, reduced cognitive function and suppression of the immune system. It is estimated that 25% of the worlds population have some degree of iron deficiency.
The Supporting Cast
OrthoIron also contains other nutrients and vitamins that help support healthy iron levels. It contains lactoferrin, an iron carrying protein shown to improve blood iron and hemoglobin levels, and vitamin C, a well known antioxidant which also improves iron absorption. Other nutrients such as vitamin B12, folate, vitamin B6 and copper are also included in OrthoIron to ensure other anemias related to these other essential nutrients do not go untreated.
A Better Iron Supplement
OrthoIron contains SunActiveFe iron, a registered form of iron that animal studies have shown to be more bioavailable than other more common forms of iron such as ferrous sulphate and sodium ferrous citrate. SunActiveFe has 84-94% absorbability, and is much easier on the stomach than other forms of iron.

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