AOR Ortho Bone 300 Veg-Caps

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    All the Key Nutrients for Healthy Bones

    • Helps to Maintain Bone Density
    • Supports Bone Building
    • Slows Bone Loss
    • Also Available in a Vegan Formula

    The Bone Team
    OrthoBone contains key nutrients that are fundamental to maintaining bone health and preventing disorders like osteoporosis. MCHC (bone meal) is the most superior source of calcium available and prevents bone loss. Vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption. Vitamin K (menatetrenone) increases bone density and reduces the risk of bone fracture. Strontium helps bone building cells while reducing bone
    Important Extras
    Small doses of other nutrients are also important for bone health. Boron decreases calcium excretion. Magnesium is needed for a strong bone matrix. Manganese, zinc, copper and silicon have bone building abilities. Vitamin B12 and folic acid regulate homocysteine, which is toxic to protein fibers in the bone.
    The Right Balance
    Maintaining bone health involves much more than just calcium and requires a delicate balance of many essential nutrients. OrthoBone contains all the key ingredients at the appropriate doses to keep bones in optimal condition, and is also available in a vegan formula containing calcium citrate-malate.

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