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  • Supports psychological aspects of sexual function
  • Beneficial for women and men alike
  • Supports menopausal symptoms and hormone levels
  • Traditionally used as an adaptogen

An Adaptogenic Plant
Maca is an extract of a Brassica-family plant, found in the Andes of Peru. Its traditional uses include helping the body adapt to stress, helping with symptoms of menopause, and supporting sexual function. Macas active ingredients are four compounds known as alkaloids which act on the endocrine
glands to balance the effects of steroid hormones including estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.
Support for Balanced Hormones
Macas effects appear to be specific to the age, sex and neuroendocrine condition of each individual. It raises levels of hormones that are too low, and lowers levels of those that are excessively high. As an adaptogen, Maca helps to fight stress and increase energy. It also helps to maintain healthy levels of blood glucose. In men, Maca helps to maintain sexual function. In women, it helps to normalize menopause and premenstrual symptoms.
A Natural Solution
Maca is a natural balancer of steroid hormones. Its effects help the body to regulate its own production of natural sex hormones and also help regulate the side-effects of fluctuating hormones. AORs Maca comes from an ecologically responsible, pesticide-free source.

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