Alpha Supreme 60-40 MCT Oil Natural 500ml

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The MCTs in coconut oil can help you lose fat, provided you know how to use it. Two MTCs that are especially helpful include capric C10 acid and caprylic C8 acid. Together, in a ratio of 60/40, these are invaluable, safe and natural aids in weight control. Alpha Health Products has made this exclusive MCT-Oil formula available in Canada. Eating too much and exercising too little are the main reasons for upsetting the energy balance, including fat storage, in the body. Coconut oil and MCT-Oil helps you to stop eating too much by satisfying the body's need for good fat and nutrients. Still, exercising is something that you have to do yourself. In addition, MCTs are a burning fat, not a storing fat. When they are metabolized in the body they even bring some of the stored fat we have with them. Yes, it's true. Eating fat can help you lose fat, when it's MCTs, because they stimulate what's called "thermo genesis," which is the process in which the body generates energy (or heat) by increasing its normal, metabolic, fat-burning rate.

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