Weight Loss and Detoxification

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Toxins are all around us and are poisonous substances that are getting us un-eased in our health. All of those toxins are injuring our body and damage us at the cellular level. Detoxification, on the other hand, is known as the removal of toxins substances from the body mainly made by the liver.

The liver is the main organ to detoxify the blood by filtration and removing impurities and debris. Other organs also such as the kidneys, gastrointestinal track and skin also are clearing the body of toxins. (1)

Detoxification is loosely used in our time and culture and is a synonym of cleansing and many methods are available, but unfortunately, many also are not working or working with little result.

Used unwisely, many of those detoxification processes available in the market are doing more damage to the body than benefits and long term of use is the proof that if it was working then you will not use it again and again. Cleansing is good, but obviously a change in the lifestyle is a must. (1)

With a cleansing many of us also looking to shed some weight so detoxification is also to some a fasting process. The idea behind fasting is that the liver is not busy digesting and taking care of the food we ate that it can then work on removal of the toxins, but the fact is that WE need food to get the energy necessary for the liver to work and detoxify. Obesity is a problem in Canada, the fact is that even if the rate of obesity in Canada has kept a same level in the past 10 years in some provinces and rise in other, obesity in Canada has more than doubled since 1978(3). Now, so many people are into cleansing, but shading fast weight is unhealthy as it stresses the body too much and is also known as yo-yo diet as we can’t fool the body. Rapid shed diet are stressing the body and when the body realize that it has not a regular meal, then it start storing food as it get into drought mode in a sense of because not knowing when the next nutritious meal will come it store whatever it can. People then don’t stop trying diet after diet and never really get happy with their weight as they can’t really lose it.

So, let’s talk about some ways to help to lose weight and detoxify the healthy way.

The liver is an incredible organ who has more than 500 functions. Cleansing the body through the liver is a complex thing than need support. Toxins come in 2 forms: water soluble and fat soluble. (1)

Water soluble are easier to clear out and usually the phase one is taking care of it, however, the phase two is more complex as the fat-soluble toxins through the liver enzymes are transformed into a water soluble and excreted. The phase one could be damaging the cellular level of the liver if antioxidants are not present so the phase 2 of the liver has to be also activated quickly. Everybody heard about the cytochrome P450 Enzymes which help to get the water-soluble toxins out, but without antioxidant then the toxins become free radicals that could damage the liver, where phase two come into action and carry out the toxins without damage. Phase 2 is activated by phytochemicals. Sulforaphane (4) is one important one and can be found in cruciferous vegetable like Kale, Broccolis, Bok Choy, and Cabbage... Those cruciferous are activating the process very quickly to get enzymes to create compound sulforaphane to eliminate the toxins to be carried out of the body by:

1) Bile to Feces 2) Kidney to Urine

So having a good diet rich in dark green vegetables and having at least one or two cups of cruciferous vegetables per day could greatly improve the natural form of eliminating toxins.

Now we have also herbs that have qualities to help the liver to cleanse naturally like Milk Thistle (2) Milk Thistle is the herb by excellence that helps the liver to regularly cleanse the toxins out. With antioxidants (found in fruits), herbs and cruciferous vegetables, you are giving the body already most of the support needed to get a higher level of energy and feeling better. Having that energy and feeling healthier, make you be more active and choosing the right diet with the right amount of vegetable and balanced protein, carbs and fat intake, you have already given your body all elements to regulate the weight and avoid storing the excess.

To have a healthy weight, balance life and good diet, you need 4 elements to take into consideration:
  • Good Diet
  • Healthy Environment
  • Emotional Balance
  • Self-control

Consulting a Holistic Nutritionist or Naturopath will help you get all information and guidance you will need to get into the path of healthier lifestyles.

Taking the decision to look forward to the advice of a practitioner is already 50 % of the winning battles as you have already taken the decision to make a change and impact to greatness in your life.



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