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Good function of your digestive system (from your mouth through the stomach to beyond your bowels) is crucial for our daily and long-term health. It helps in the breakdown of our food to provide energy, nutrients for assimilation and to eliminate waste. It also has an important role in supporting our immune system.

Digestive issues plague almost all of us to some degree, be it mild gas or constipation to more severe IBS and colitis. A common problem these days are ulcers. Ulcers are the erosion of the mucous membranes, usually in the stomach lining.

Ulcers are generally a result of the presence of H. pylori bacteria. People start to experience mild gas and bloating which progresses to gastritis and can eventually result in an ulcer. The medical treatment for ulcers is to prescribe antibiotics and antacids.

The natural prevention for ulcers is to make sure that there is adequate production of stomach acid, which helps to kill off or prevent the proliferation of most pathogens, including H. pylori. Also it is important to have a diet that is low in refined sugars and acidity. Acidity can cause irritation in the gastric lining, while the sugars can feed the bacteria.

If an ulcer has occurred, then treatment is needed to control the bacteria, minimize the irritation and heal the mucous membrane. To help kill of the H. pylori, an effective treatment is Mastic gum. Mastic gum has been shown to be very effective at eliminating H. pylori and in promoting healing of the mucosa. Supplements of oregano and garlic make effective antibiotics. Chewable DGL also helps to protect the mucosa from further irritation, while promoting healing. Also consider adding digestive enzymes and essential fatty acids to the treatment plan.

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