STABILIUM 200 for nutrition and cognitive function

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If you’re under stress or are want to improve your brain functioning, you may want to try Stabilium 200. It’s designed to support the body’s response to stress and it may also provide nutritional support and help cognitive function.

What is Stabilium 200?
It’s composed of Garum Armoricum that comes from the Blue Ling fish. Still not clear? A history lesson can help explain what Garum Armoricum is. During the third century BC, the Celts of Armorica, Ireland discovered that an extract from the deep-sea Blue fish could improve resilience to physical and emotional stress.
This fish extract, Garum Armoricum, became famous in the ancient world through the writings of Galen. The ancient Celts discovered how to manufacture lysates from the organs of deep-sea creatures, and they used this to make Garum extract. Lysates are cellular protoplasmic material in which most of the cellular activities occur. Stabilium 200 is produced by controlled enzymatic autolysis of the viscera of the blue fish.

What does Stabilium 200 contain that makes it helpful in dealing with stress?
Stabilium 200 consists of small peptides that are similar to the pituitary and hypothalamic stimulating peptides. They act as hormone and neurotransmitter precursors. As a result, they exert a regulatory effect on the nervous system that helps the individual adapt to stressful conditions.
Stabilium 200 also contains thirty percent essential Omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. As we all know, Omega-3 from fish plays a critical role in neurological health. And, it contains naturally occurring antioxidants like Vitamin E and selenium that protect EFAs from oxidation.

Nadeem Aslam, B.Sc. researches and recommends new products for Nature’s Source.