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Three Simple Principles

The Gifford-Jones natural health philosophy is not complex.  Whether advocating to patients, to policymakers, or in the print media, we always adhere to three simple principles:

Principle #1 – Use Common Sense

In all matters – health promotion, disease prevention, treatment of illness, and the relentless effects of aging -- consumers should apply common sense.  This means applying sound judgement in all practical matters.  Do you strap on your seatbelt when you get in a car?  This is a simple test of your judgement.  The evidence is overwhelming.  Seat belts save lives, and car collisions are high on the list of the things that kill and injure us.  The use of common sense is essential in all we do: ensuring a safe home and work-life; living an active lifestyle; eating a balanced diet; maintaining a healthy weight; getting enough sleep; and maintaining social networks.  Common sense also suggests we find and stick with the things that make us happy.  With all this so clear, why leave common sense at the door when dealing with your health?  Making well-informed medical decisions depends on using common sense.  Without it, you won’t protect yourself from many pitfalls, not least of which are unnecessary surgery, radiation, and pharmaceutical drugs. 

Principle #2 – Adopt a Sound Lifestyle Early in Life

Health and longevity are the results of good genes, good lifestyle, and good luck.  But since we can’t choose our parents, or know what fate has in store for us, we must make our lifestyle choices count.  The recipe for success is well-known: don’t smoke, don’t become obese, don’t eat all the wrong foods, and don’t be a couch potato.  Important studies have shown that people who actively focus on making the right lifestyle choices significantly boost their chances of avoiding big killers, like coronary heart disease.  It’s worth the effort to think about the things you do and the choices you make everyday.  For the well-being of those too young to care for themselves, we have a duty to instill in children the good habits that will serve them for a lifetime.

Principle #3 – Try Natural Remedies

It’s prudent to try natural remedies first before prescription medication.  Every year in the U.S., 800,000 people die from conventional medicine, 2.2 million suffer adverse effects from prescription drugs, 7.5 million medical and surgical procedures are performed unnecessarily, and 8.9 million patients are admitted needlessly to hospital.  But there are no such statistics from the use of natural remedies.  It’s good advice to do your homework and consult with natural health experts to see if there is a natural approach to solving your health challenges before resorting to prescription drugs, surgical procedures and the hazards of the hospital.


The Gifford-Jones Endorsement of the Certified Naturals™ line

  1. Gifford-Jones, MD recommends the Certified Naturals™ line of products. In future editions of natures’s news, watch for articles explaining how these supplements fit into the Gifford-Jones philosophy of natural health.