Men's Health Blood Tests

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Common blood tests your doctor may order and you need to understand

1. CBC  complete blood count:
which measures your white blood cells red blood cells and platelets good indicator of how your immune system is functioning.

2. Complete chemistry profile:
this includes glucose-measures blood sugar, creatinine and urea which measures kidney function, sodium and potassium levels, cholesterol profie, liver function profile which includes AST, ALT, ALP, albumin and bilirubin.

3. Testosterone:
which measures both total and free. The free form being important because it is biologically active for your tissues. Low levels indicate low libido, less muscle mass and cardiovascular issues.

4. Cortisol:
this is your stress hormone short term release is fine however extended periods of stress causes an increase which can be harmful. This can lead to elevated glucose, blood pressure and insulin levels which can lead to metabolic syndrome.

5. DHEA-S:
this steroid hormone is a precursor to estrogen and testosterone. Low levels of this hormone effect libido, cardiovascular issues, fatigue and memory issues. Insufficient cholesterol can cause low amounts of DHEA as well as other hormones.

6. LH:
This hormone called luteinizing hormone is critical for testosterone production in the testis. Obesity and high insulin levels cause a reduction in circulating testosterone levels.

7. SHBG:
Sex hormone binding globulin most of the testosterone in men is bound to this hormone only 2% of the testosterone is free. In fact a high SHBG leads to an elevated estrogen level and lowered testosterone.