Life After Baby: The Mommy Diaries

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Congratulations! You just had a baby. Welcome to sleepless nights, dirty diapers, T-shirts covered in baby spit-up and “the mom bun.” Being a mother can be one of the most fulfilling jobs, but it can also be quite perilous on your health. No one truly prepares mothers for what is to come after your baby is born. Some mothers may struggle with breastmilk production, or not be consuming enough fluids, while other mothers may struggle with self-care. Below is a list of dos and don’ts for moms.  


SLEEPSleep is something that is extremely important once your baby is born.  Many mothers want to get house chores done, however, if you have family and friends who want to help, offer them a list of house-work you may need done. If you do not want to delegate house work to family and friends, strap on your baby carrier and get those chores done. This can be a great way for you and your baby to bond by being close to one another.

Eat Nutritious- Have a variety of fruits, vegetables, organic, free-range protein (including organ meats), legumes and essential fats (nuts, seeds, avocados, fatty fish) Food is the foundation to health. Remember if you are breastfeeding, whatever you put into your body, your baby is to. Caloric intake will also dictate you milk supply. 

Breathe- By taking a few deep breaths throughout the day will help energize your mind and body. It increases blood flow to the brain and throughout the body. This can be beneficial if you are running low on energy, feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Drink LOTS of water or decaffeinated teas- Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining the flow of breastmilk. Since breastmilk’s main property is water, water is an extremely important aspect of a mother’s diet. Avoid caffeinated beverages, pop, juice, and alcohol because it will lead to dehydration.

Take lots of pictures and videos-You will constantly hear, children grow up fast, but when it is your own child, you truly see how fast time flies. Once your child hits “terrible twos” you will be thankful you can look back at those pictures.

Live in the present when you are with your baby-It is easy to get caught up in the routine of motherhood. Staying present and living in the moment allows you to be fully emerged in whatever your little one is doing. This will not only strengthen the bond with your baby but will help reduce your stress load by keeping your mind in the present moment and not on the thirty other tasks you need to get done. 

Prenatal Vitamins- This will provide vitamins and minerals to both you and the baby, but consuming whole foods must be the first source of vitamins and minerals.

Fish Oils- Brain food for you and your baby 

Low Milk Supply-If you are experiencing a low milk supply, that is okay. Your body has been producing breastmilk during pregnancy, specifically at sixteen weeks of pregnancy. Fenugreek, blessed thistle, and stinging nettle are herbs that increase the production of breastmilk. These are also known as Galactagogues. You can find these wonderful herbs in bulk to make teas, as tinctures, or incapsulated.   

Be thankful for other people’s advice, they do it because they care-We all know how annoying people may be once a new baby arrives, bombarding you with suggestions, advice and nit-picking (yes, that’s you grandma). But keep in mind you are receiving this advice from people who only want to be helpful.

Daily exercise or movement (resistance training, walking, yoga, stretching, Qi Gong) 

*keep in mind if you had a C- section talk to your practitioner before doing any exercises or stretching 

Stress-reducing activities- Take the time to do something for yourself that makes you happy: reading, walking, singing, dancing, having a bubble bath, deep breathing, meditating. Being a mom can be overwhelming, taking the time to help reduce your stress load will have a beneficial effect on your body and health.  

Postpartum Depression is a real thing-If you feel like you are depressed or have depressive suicidal thoughts towards yourself or your baby, please seek help.

Postpartum help  


Don’t forget to let family and friends help you  

Don’t worry about the laundry and dishes when your little one is napping, take a nap to  

Don’t forget that before you were a mommy, you were a person: Take the time to love yourself.
Self- care is so important especially when your world is revolving around your new baby. Setting some time aside once a day to treat yourself: massage, facial, quiet time, resting, will do wonders.