Know About Natural Mosquito Solutions

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Mosquitoes thrive in higher temperature, and where standing water is also present, so are the mosquitoes. Examples where one would imagine mosquitoes would be in deep woods, marshes and swamps. They are not only restricted to these types of environments, you can also find them by poolside’s. Mosquitos are notorious for spreading diseases, viruses and parasites. Once a mosquito has been infected with a virus they carry it for their lifespan and continue to feast on others. The most common bug repellant is the spray that utilizes high concentrations of a pesticide called N,N- diethyl-meta-toluamide, more commonly known as “DEET.”  While this can be an effective short-term tool for repelling mosquitoes, there are natural repellants such as Bug-Off and bug patches that can be purchases at Nature’s Source. The ingredients from Bug-off come from edible herbs and spices, the only bug spray that you can eat! It is safe for children and non-toxic.


Protect yourself from the Sun Naturally.

There has been a lot of confusion about how much sun is enough and what – if anything should be put on our skin to protect ourselves. Traditionally, we have been smearing ourselves in many chemicals in order to protect ourselves from the exposure to the sun’s rays. The long-term effects have not been tested. Everyone needs at least 15 minutes of “direct” sun exposure to maximize our levels of vitamin D. Our body converts the sun’s rays into 10,000 international units (IU) in just 20 minutes! It is essential for good health because it protects us from cardiovascular disease and cancers. Keep in mind, overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation can have negative results of premature aging, cataracts and skin cancer. Do not just toss the sunscreen and expose yourself to unprotected sun. There are many more natural alternatives on the market. Green Beaver carries the FIRST ever Canadian Certified Organic sunscreens approved by Health Canada. There are no chemical preservatives or synthetic fragrances. Green Beaver is also biodegradable, gluten free, waterproof and non-whitening. Other natural sunscreens are available from Aubrey Organics and Badger. Come by and pick one up today!


Natural Deodorant for all your Summer Adventures!

Summer is back again and with a higher tendency to be more physically active outdoors. This means more sweat and chance of un-inviting body odour. DR. MIST hygiene body spray naturally eliminates surface bacteria.  It is a breakthrough in physics inspired by the Dead Sea. Although is it advertised mainly as a deodorant, it has been used to kill body odour up to 3 days even when bathing is not an option. It treats acne, eczema, removes odour from gym equipment and anything bacteria related. It does NOT contain any aluminum, fragrance, artificial colorings, creams, oils, or alcohol. It only contains calcium, sodium chloride, magnesium and treated water. You can try Dr. Mist Spray in 3 scents: Baby Powder (my favorite), lavender, and unscented! I would love your feedback on this product.


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