How to Treat a Concussion?

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My experience with concussion healing with Nutraceuticals and homeopathic remedies, carried by Nature’s Signature/Nature’s Source.

Having sustained a concussion in 2017, I went to my Medical Doctor to find out what to do about this. I was shocked to hear him say that there are no specialists in this area, and that all I could do is go home, turn off my devices, and stay in the dark for four months.

From over 15 years in the Wellness industry, I knew this to be inaccurate, and went about researching and asking professionals for their assistance.

First, I would highly recommend checking in with medical teams for internal bleeding, cervical damage, fractures etc. First things first. Get an MRI, an X-Ray and if possible, a CAT-Scan. If surgery is needed, or other front line emergency services, sooner is best!

I would suggest the assistance of a homeopathic practitioner, and/or a Naturopath. There are several homeopathic remedies that assist with injuries to the head. Also, there are several natural supplements that assist with brain function, memory function, and apparently to help prevent long-term cognitive impairment for those having sustained concussions, as this is one of the possible outcomes.

Natrum Sulphuricum is known as the main remedy to help with healing from brain trauma. Exact dose to be determined by your practitioner. Keep in mind that other remedies may be used for your situation specifically, according to your exact injury and details! Arnica is also a good choice, for healing, and Hypericum is helpful if there is nerve damage. These are commonly known remedies.

Neuro-Force is a great nutritional supplement, with PQQ, helping the brain to deal with injury, memory and cognitive function in general. Innovite’s EliteNeuro is also a fabulous addition to a regimen for a period of time, to be determined, again, by your practitioner. I found these very helpful for overall brain healing and allowing me to cope with brain stressors such as driving on 400 series highways, anxiety from the concussion, and to help regulate my basic body functions, such as temperature control and eating patterns. They also assisted with the effects of computer screen exposure at work.

Valerian capsules were extremely helpful for managing the sleep disorder that lasted for quite some time. I found I slept for a shorter time, but woke up feeling rested, knowing I had just had a good, recuperative sleep.

I was informed by my Naturopath that brain injuries mean compromised intestinal linings, meaning Leaky Gut. So, I started a regimen of L-Glutamine to deal with that, found in the Neuro-HMF pro-biotic, by Genestra, as well as taking L-Glutamine separately in powder or capsule forms, and I found the brand AOR L-Glutamine to be particularly effective. I have been on that regimen for several years now.

Zinc L-Carnosine is a chelated compound of Zinc that breaks down slowly in the gut, as opposed to being digested quickly by stomach acid. By delaying its digestion until it’s in the intestinal tract, the Zinc actually heals the lining of the gut, instead of entering into the bloodstream more quickly. It has a marked effect on the mucosal and epithelial linings in the intestinal tract. The brand we sell at Nature’s Signature is Metagenics, and is called Zinlori 75.

Adrenal support is another key piece of dealing with the stress of a trauma to the head. As it effects emotions, overall outlook, synaptic function can be reduced or impaired by head injury. Adrenal supports can assist with the emotional, psychological impact of trauma and the healing process over time. Often, according to my Naturopath, depression is diagnosed, where in fact, adrenal burnout is the situation.

Further recommendations include Concussion Physiotherapy, helping to re-train the neural pathways. Some Chiropractors do this, and even thought the exercises seemed silly at the time, completing them was beneficial.

I found exceptional results with cranio-sacral therapy and Osteopathy. Chiropractic was helpful, but I needed some time to allow the trauma to heal, before I let anyone work with my head and neck directly. You have to go by feel on that issue.

At first, I found a dark room, with NO media or device input (No TV, phones etc.), as much as possible, to be an important first step. Meditation is also known to assist with healing the brain, and I did so for many of my ‘dark room’ hours. Yogic training came in handy on this, and gentle, restorative yoga was helpful as well.

Acupuncture worked well on the energy meridians to improve blood flow and healing to the areas affected.

My overall recovery is quite good at 4.5 years. A small amount of tinnitus remains on the side of my brain impacted by the concussion. It has been a long road back. I would say my only regret was not getting these supplements and homeopathic remedies into me sooner. I know on a deep level that I could have sped up my healing if I had known more about these supplements sooner.

I offer this list of ideas and products so that you may heal faster and more completely!