Homeopathy for Cold and Flu

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It’s fall, which means it’s this time of the year when the weather is usually unpredictable making the body

more susceptible to catching cold or flu. Luckily with homeopathy, we can overcome the cold or flu quickly, gently and safely. First, it is important to differentiate between a cold and flu. A cold entails stuffy/ runny nose, sneezing, mild to moderate chest discomfort, cough, and sore throat. While flu is characterized by high fever, aches, pain, weakness and fatigue, extreme exhaustion, chest discomfort, cough, possibility of headaches, nausea with or without vomiting.

The homeopathy cure principle states “like cures like”; which means homeopathic remedy is prescribed to match the symptoms manifested by the cold or flu. To elaborate more, a person who catch a cold might  have a runny nose, tearing eyes and countless sneezes. On the other hand, another person might catch a cold by having a sore throat, cough and chest congestion. Although they both have a cold, they express it through different symptoms. Each of those symptoms can have different intensities. Hence, a factor to consider whiledeciding on a remedy dosage is matching the remedy to the intensity of the cold or flu.

In this article, different remedies are suggested to use when a cold or flu symptoms appear. Each remedy describes a different cold/flu picture. Remedy is matched to the most predominant symptoms.

As a start“Oscillococcinum” is an over the counter remedy. It is used right after exposure to a cold or flu; once any symptoms appear. It is considered a preventative remedy where it lessens the intensity or the strength of the cold/flu before it takes over the body.


A simple Cold Picture:

The remedy Allium-Cepa can address a simple picture of cold. It is usedwhen nose is running with continuous acrid and fluid discharge. The nostrils and upper lip get sore. Eyes have bland fluent discharge and burning sensation. Sometimes dull forehead pain with the intense nasal discharge. Some heat might extend to the throat or ears. If cough develops, it is worse with cold air.

Specific characteristics to Allium-Cepa: symptoms worse in damp warm room, remarkable hunger and thirst, a high output of urination.

The best picture for this remedy is a person cutting a red onion where his eyes burn, tears; the nose discharges fluid and needs to get some fresh air. Actually, Allium-Cepa remedy is made from the red onions!


A Cold with Laziness and Tiredness Picture:

As for “Gelsimium”, it can be used when the cold includes drowsiness, dullness and dizziness. This type of cold develops slowly and gradually. It starts with runny nose that becomes intense and creates fullness at the root of the nose, extensive sneezes with watery nasal discharges. The face is heavy; the eyes lids are droopy, the ears can’t hear for a short period of time. The middle ear might get affected. The throat feels rough and burning; the cough is dry. Generally fatigued and lack of will power. Fever might develop at a later stage.

Specific characteristics to Gelsimium: Patient wants to be alone, lies quietly and is chilly. A feeling of dullness and non-interest is accompanied with this cold.

The best picture for this remedy is someone lazy, bored, sluggish, tired, and inactive mentally and physically.


A Cold/Flu with Pain Picture:

The remedy “Bryonia” is also used for a slow or gradual developing cold mostly evolves toflu with high fever. The nose is stuffy dry and burning, it causes pain in the forehead; the mouth and lips dry, behind the eyes is aching and pressing pain. The headache is splitting and pressing out, face flushed deep red during high fever. The throat is dry, scraped, constricted feeling with stitching pain, the cough is hard and dry with pain in the chest. The fever is dry burning and high.

Specific characteristics to Bryonia: want to stay still, better with rest, worse with least motion because of the pain (in contrast to Gelsimium); a feeling of irritability is accompanied with the fever.

The best picture to remember this remedy picture is a bear wants to be left alone lying perfectly still, growling when disturbed!


A Sudden and Quick Cold/Flu Picture:

The number one remedy to think of when a cold/flu hits suddenly with a quick start is “Aconitum Neppelus.” After exposure to cold dry wind. Sudden chills that lead to sudden high fever or cough. There is pain with fever, cold sweat, pale face, full heavy head with severe headache. There is stuffed dry nose, constricted hard to swallow throat, dry croupy rough unproductive cough.

Specific characteristics to Aconitum: symptoms worse at night, extreme intense thirst for cold drinks, a feeling of anxiety or fear accompanied with the cold/flu.

The best expression explaining this remedy is  “I didn’t see this intense cold/flu coming. It just got me suddenly and quickly!”


A Sudden IntenseFlu Picture:

Also, another remedy indicated for sudden violent high fever is “Belladonna”. Usually the fever temperature is high like burning heat. The face, cheeks are flushed red. The headache is bursting; the head is full and heavy. Tired dilated glassy pupils. Ear pain accompanied with the fever. The nasal discharge is full of mucus; throat is dry where it is difficult to swallow like a lump in throat. The cough is dry, hoarse and barking loud cough.

Specific characteristics to Belladonna: symptoms are worse at night, no thirst at all with fever, burning heat but feet are icy cold, a feeling of anger and short temperament with fever.

The best expression indicating this remedy is “they are red like a strawberry.” Actually, checking their tongue during fever it will look like a strawberry too!

It is impressive how different remedies addresses different pictures of cold and flu. The presented remedies are just few possible options. There arenumerous remedies that can greatly help. Indeed, it always goes back to the person who is experiencing the symptoms and not the disease itself. Homeopathy is simply like a booster that pushes the patient’s body to restore his own health.