Homeopathic Help for Colds and Flus

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Despite your best efforts, you still got hit with the nasty cold or flu bug that’s making the rounds. Don’t despair. Listen to your body: schedule time for some rest, and ensure that your body has the tools that it needs to heal you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Homeopathy is a gentle, yet effective, system of natural medicine that helps the body to heal itself. Every patient is regarded as unique, as is every illness. Even within each patient, one cold might present differently to the next. This means that there is no “one remedy” solution for all colds, in all people.

As soon as you start to develop symptoms, take note of them: the obvious physical symptoms (nasal discharge, temperature, appetite/thirst, etc.), but also the more subtle changes in personality or behaviour. Then compare your symptoms to those listed on the left for the most common homeopathic cold and flu remedies.

If your analysis stops at 2 or 3 remedies and you can’t narrow the search further, then try a combination remedy that contains these short-listed remedies. Coryzalia (by Boiron) is a good choice for colds, and Gripp-Heel (by Heel) covers the major flu remedies. Dr. Reckeweg R6, and Unda’s Febriplex both contain remedies that are common to both colds and flus. Combination remedies can also be the simplest approach to treating young children, who are not always able to communicate the more subtle symptoms which might differentiate between two similar remedies.

Once you’ve chosen the best remedy (single or combination), take it approximately three times a day, for as long as your symptoms persist. If you do not experience symptom relief after a few doses, then you may not have selected the best remedy. Take another look to see if there is a better match, or consult a Homeopath.

Homeopathic medicine can be used as a stand-alone therapy, but can also safely complement any other treatment protocol. Consult a trained Homeopath regarding potency and dosing directions, or for more individualized care.