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Many believe that emotions are at the root of all physical disease. This was certainly the case with Dr. Edward Bach, a well-respected British physician who abandoned his successful practice in the 1920’s to immerse himself in researching this very conviction. Dissatisfied with modern medicine’s focus on the treatment of disease, rather than its prevention, Dr. Bach turned to Nature for the answers. Years later, his dedicated work resulted in the identification of 38 flower essences, each of which is connected with a particular emotional state. Today, the Bach Flower Remedies are recognized and respected around the world as a gentle, yet effective way of returning the body to a state of emotional balance.

The Bach remedies can help us to abandon negative attitudes and shift out of any thought patterns in which we may be stuck. They can increase vitality and energy, encourage a positive state of mind, and even improve sleep.

As women, we are faced with numerous emotional stressors, some driven by hormonal changes, others by day-to-day responsibilities and challenges. Listed below is a brief summary of how Bach Flower Remedies can guide us through these emotional times.

Choose the remedy that is best with your current emotional state. If you identify with more than one remedy description, then up to six remedies can be selected and used concurrently. The usual dose is two drops of each remedy, directly on the tongue or in a beverage, four times a day. Bach Flower Remedies are safe for short or long term use. Monitor your emotions for subtle shifts, and decide for yourself when you feel that the remedies have produced the desired positive emotional shift.

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