Dr. Bronner’s Most Moisturizing Soap

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Don’t let the word “shaving” mislead you. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Shaving Soap is not your typical shaving cream. It is a soap. The ingredients are nearly identical to Dr. Bronner’s Organic Sugar Soap, both are made with organic Shikakai powder & organic sugar and blended with our coconut-olive-hemp-jojoba castile soap base. These plant-based ingredients moisturize and cleanse whether you are shaving or bathing!

How doesDr. Bronner’s Organic Shaving soap do such a great job of moisturizing? Ithas even moreShikakai powder and sugar than our Organic Sugar Soap. Not only do these make the Organic Shaving Soap thicker, but they provide the maximum smoothness and nourishment to skin and hair. You might be wondering, what is Shikakai?It’s extracted from a tree podthatcontains naturally occurring saponins – nature’s own soap! Used on the Indian subcontinent for body care since ancient times, it gives our Shaving Soap its rich, caramel brown color.The mildness of the Shikakai leaves the skin’s natural oils in place, especially compared to a harsh detergent cleanser (think “shower gel” or “body wash”) which are so intent on grabbing oils that they strip the skin of its needed natural oils.

You might also be wondering why organic sugar in soap? Sugar is one of the oldest and most widely used humectants in skin care, and with good reason – it does an excellent job bonding with water molecules to increase moisture content in the skin. It makes a great partnership with Shikakai. With these ingredients combined, our Shaving Soap is the most moisturizing soap of the bunch.

The simple ingredients in our Shaving Soap are completely safe. The soap contains no synthetics, aerosols, petrochemicals, or detergents such as Triethanolamine or Polyethylene Glycol or Isobutane (common conventional shaving cream ingredients). The only added scents are organic essential oils. During this time of year ourPeppermintShaving Soapcan provide a cooling sensation, otherwise known as our “peppermint tingle,”after a long day in the sun. The peppermint burst comes from the pure, organic peppermint essential oil we use in our products.The Shaving Soap also comes in Baby Unscented, Lavender, Lemongrass Lime, and Tea Tree scents.

Yes, we use high quality, plant-based and safe ingredients, but the soap does an incredible job of helping you shave! As you spend more time in the sun during the summer months, our Organic Shaving Soap will assist in gettinga close, comfortable shave. This soap lathers to a very creamy foam that provides a smooth glide.It also softens hair for a close shave and nourishes and sooths just-shaved skin.It’s a great choice after a day in the sun to soothe and moisturize skin. Time spent outdoors on your summer holidays may leave your skin wanting something with extra moisturizing power.

There are many benefits to our shaving soap that aren’t limited to shaving. You can use this intensely hydrating soap from head to toe!The Shikakai also makes it terrific for washing hair, helping it to retain moisture (just like it does for skin!).When you need that extra moisturization, don’t let that name “Shaving Soap” deter you from washing everywhere with this versatile super soap!