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EBI Nutrition Fish Oil 6.5:1 EPA:DHA Concentrate 120Caps + FREE 60 Caps - Old Label (Expiring October 2018)

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  • High potency fish oil concentrate softgels
  • 6.5:1 ratio of EPA:DHA
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • Each capsule contains 800mg of fish oil
  • Each capsule 520mg EPA, 80mg DHA
  • Small easy to swallow capsule size
  • Sourced from small wild fish
  • Supports cognition and brain function
  • 10+ years of success in clinical settings
  • Tested for optimum purity and quality
  • Manufactured in a GMP facility
  • Health Canada Approved NPN: 80015507

Two prominent human studies have shown a tremendous benefit of fish oil supplementation for cardiovascular health. The largest study supplemented 18645 people with either 1800mg of EPA or placebo for a period of 5 years. The next largest study supplemented 11323 people with either 850mg per day of combined EPA and DHA or placebo for a period of 2 years. Both studies showed tremendously positive benefit from supplementation with fish oil with OMEGA 3.

The American Heart Association actively promotes the intake of EPA and DHA. They state that through diet or through supplementation, intake of EPA and DHA are beneficial for cardiovascular health. This paper was published in 2003, and since this time a number of very important studies (including the study of 18645 people mentioned above) have been conducted. The next position statement of the American Heart Association will likely even more powerfully recommend intake of EPA and DHA.

Controlled human clinical studies have shown that supplementing fish oil can benefit all of the following conditions/ disorders in the area of psychiatry;Depressive disorders (bipolar depression, major depressive disorder)ADD/ ADHDAnxietyAggressionAutismEpilepsyAnorexiaAmnesiaSelf harmSchizophreniaStudies in the area of psychiatry allow for some very important insights to be made with regards to comparing the effects of EPA and DHA (the active ingredients in fish oil). The majority of studies in the area use oils much higher in EPA than DHA. Many of the papers, in fact, use 100% EPA with no DHA present. Interestingly, studies which fail to show significant benefit in the area of psychiatry use oils which deliver large amounts of DHA with EPA. DHA is extremely important in pregnancy and newborn infants (see discussion of fish oil in pregnancy below) but does not seem to deliver benefit to mood and behaviour. Higher EPA oils appear to effectively treat adult depression and childhood disorders of mood and behaviour. Oils high in DHA typically fail to benefit these same conditions.

Ultra High Potency EPA:DHA OMEGA 3 Fish Oil

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