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Calcium Mineral Supplements Online

Brief Description of Calcium Mineral Supplements

Calcium vitamins offer a number of health benefits. Calcium pills are most commonly used for strengthening and maintaining healthy bones and density. You will find calcium tablets work best combined with magnesium, vitamin D3 and/or other essential nutrients that help the calcium to be absorbed and utilized more effectively.

What are Calcium Mineral Supplements Used For?

Calcium is a crucial mineral for bones, calcium vitamins are useful in regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and in maintaining heart health. Side Effects of Taking Calcium tablets uses:
  • Bone and Teeth Formation
  • Maintain Bone Porosity
  • Maintain Body Strength
  • Maintain Bone Health

Types of Calcium Mineral Supplements Products

Calcium vitamins supplements are available in a variety of dosage forms including tablets, chewable tablets, capsules, liquids and powders. Common types of calcium supplements are:
  • Calcium Carbonate-high Source of Elemental Calcium but With a Poorer Absorption Rate.
  • Coral Calcium-naturally Contains Calcium, Magnesium and Trace Minerals
  • Calcium Citrate-can Be Taken with or Without Food, Highly Absorbable
  • Calcium Bisglycinate-attached to an Amino Acid for Better Absorption
  • Algae Calcium-sourced From Sea Vegetables Supplying Calcium Carbonate and Trace Minerals
  • Mchc (Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite) a Variation of Bonemeal-inhibits Bone Loss and Increases Bone Density

Pros & Cons of Calcium Mineral Supplements

  • Help Bone and Teeth Formation
  • Help Maintain Body Strength
  • Assist in the Movement of Muscles
  • Assist With Nerve Messaging Between the Brain and Body
  • Help Blood Flow as Vessels Relax and Constrict
  • Release Hormones and Enzymes That Help with Body Functions
  • Best Calcium Tablets Can Be Difficult to Swallow
  • Many Calcium Vitamins Supplements Require Up to Six for Optimal Efficacy
  • Better Absorption of Calcium with Food
  • Calcium Supplements Risk Due to Calcification

Top Calcium Mineral Products Brands & USPs

Finding the best calcium tablets is made easy when shopping at Nature’s Source and Nature’s Signature. Carrying brands with high efficacy and recommended by health practitioners. We carry calcium vitamin and calcium formulas. Also available are best calcium tablets for women and best calcium tablets for men to support specific needs throughout the years. This allows you to supplement according to your needs. For your calcium needs, you can trust brands like:
  • Genestra
  • Cyto Matrix
  • Douglas Labs
  • NFH
  • Metagenics
  • Trophic
  • Certified Naturals
  • Nature's Way
  • Sisu
  • Salus

Why Choose Nature's Source to Buy Calcium Mineral Supplement?

Nature's Source and Nature's Signature sell Canada's best calcium magnesium supplements in highly absorbable forms such as Cal mag liquid, capsules, calcium tablets and chewable tablets with brands you can trust like Genestra, Cyto Matrix, Douglas Labs, NFH, Metagenics, Trophic, Nature's Way, Sisu, Salus. Shop online and instore at Nature's Source and Nature's Signature for your calcium supplements today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Calcium Vitamins Supplement

Why Do People Use Calcium Supplements?

Calcium is generally used for bone health. Individuals with family history, or are experiencing a decline in bone health or for healing a fracture or break.

Do Calcium Tablets Actually Work?

Yes. For injuries, calcium can be very effective for healing, also for supporting osteoporosis and bone health.

What Are the Risks of Taking Calcium Supplement?

Calcium should be taken with magnesium, vitamin D3 & K2 for optimal absorption. Taken without vitamin K2 can result in calcification deposits in the arteries and in other areas in the body. It is uncommon for calcium tablets to have side effects.

Is It Ok to Take Calcium Supplements Every Day?

It is good to take calcium tablets every day when there is a family history of bone disease or ailments. Taking a lower dose calcium supplement daily for prevention is acceptable. Calcium supplements are not for everyone. Consult a physician before or speak with a practitioner for advice.

How Long Can I Take Calcium Vitamins Supplements?

This depends on the health of the individual and the recommendation of a physician or practitioner. Individuals with osteoporosis may need to take it for long periods of time.

When Should You Take Calcium Morning or Night?

You can take calcium tablets morning or night. In fact, most calcium vitamins will require you to take 2-3 times daily. Taking calcium supplements before bed can promote better sleep and more support for bones while at sleep.

Can I Take Calcium Supplements While Pregnant?

Benefits of best Calcium tablets during pregnancy can support both mom and baby. Most prenatal won't contain calcium due to the importance of iron. Iron and calcium use the same pathway into the body so taken together will cancel each other out. Taking Calcium During Pregnancy can support both mom and baby. It also plays a significant role in milk production during pregnancy.

How Long Does It Take for Calcium Vitamins Supplements to Work?

This can vary depending on the individual’s condition and purpose for calcium tablets uses