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AOR P.E.A.k Antioxidant Support 90 Capsules
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AOR Green Lipped Ffa 60 softgels
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AOR Advanced Bone Protection - 30 vegi-caps
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Our bones and joints play a very important role in our everyday lives. They’re what help us move freely, whether that’s dancing, walking, sitting, standing, or even writing! That’s why...

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The Ultimate Bone Broth
02 September, 22

Ready in 18-72 hours. The longer you simmer the more nutrient dense the broth. Ingredients 7 pounds whole chicken,  chicken feet, chicken wings, turkey bones, game, beef or veal bones...

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N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, more commonly referred to as NAC, is a naturally occurring antioxidant1 that has been growing in popularity in recent years. This compound can be found in allium vegetables, namely...

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AOR Vitamins & Supplements Online

Brief Description of AOR Supplements

Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) is a Canadian based company, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. We believe that truth and transparency are the most important values for any organization to uphold and we exist to create safe, effective and therapeutic solutions from nature. AOR’s goal is to provide consumers with products that deliver the right molecule in the right dose, at the right place, at the right time, through innovation and evidence-based science.

Key Benefits of AOR Products

AOR products offers its customers a unique and orthomolecular approach to personalized nutrition. AOR vitamins provides an array of formulas for similar health concerns because we understand that everyone’s body chemistry is also unique, so the same dose or ingredient may not work for everyone. If the ingredients are the right fit for your needs, in the right amount, they are more likely to transform your health positively. That’s the essence of what it means to be orthomolecular!

Safety Information/Disclaimers

In addition to our own rigid quality standards, AOR is guided by Canadian Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) in its best practices in ensuring that our quality assurance and quality control are of the highest standards. AOR undergoes rigorous third-party testing in ISO certified laboratories to ensure the purity, potency, stability and safety of the raw ingredients incorporated into our formulations. AOR guarantees that all ingredients have been declared on product labels.

Why AOR?

AOR has a strong commitment to both social and environmental responsibility, supporting local charities and always striving for greener solutions in every aspect of our production process. Through rigorous sourcing methods, we ensure that, as much as possible, our ingredients are derived from sustainable and ethical sources without genetic modification. Finally, we demonstrate our commitment to transparency within our community by staying focused on solid science instead of popular market trends.

Brand Features & Details

AOR not only utilizes current research to design our formulations, but we make hands-on innovation happen every day. In our labs, we experiment with existing formulations, processes and technologies to provide our customers with the most advanced products available. We also collaborate with researchers in over 30 universities around the world, part of the clinical trial process that verifies the research.

Frequently Asked Questions About AOR Supplements

How Do I Contact AOR?

For additional product details please visit aor.ca. If you have specific questions regarding a product or our processes, please feel free to email Advanced Orthomolecular Research at info@aor.ca.