Strength Training for Women

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So many women have a fear of weights. They have that stereotypical thought about body builders that lift weights = big and bulky. I beg to differ. I myself train like a body builder. For the majority of my training season I lift heavy. Considering I am a bikini competitor, I’m the furthest class from being a body builder! Especially for females, we do not have the same levels of testosterone in our bodies like men do, so for us to build a lot of muscle takes time.

So Why Lift Heavy? What Are the Benefits?

For starters, we all want to build lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle, the more calories we expend. For one pound of lean, muscle your body burns between 30-50 calories at rest. If that is how much your body naturally burns at rest, then just think how much more is burned while you exercise! Especially for those who want to lose weight, it’s crucial to build lean muscle to help burn and lose fat. Not the other way around.

Strength training has you firing and recruiting all muscle fibers and nerves. You will help improve your strength in your joints, ligaments and tendons. This can help prevent injuries. It also hits your body neurologically, which can help you cope from stress whether it is, physical, mentally and or emotionally.

Strength training has also been proven to increase and restore bone density. By the age of 25 it is common for females (especially those that live sedentary lives) to start decrease bone density. Considering females are more prone to Osteoporosis, strength training is great way to prevent it.

Let’s not forget how strength training also helps enhance your physique. Who doesn’t like a nicely sculpted and symmetrical body? Sitting behind a desk surfing the net or watching TV won’t give you that! Training hard and eating right will. When you look better, you feel better. This helps shine through on all aspects of life.

So think twice before you pick up that 5lbs dumbbell—go for the 10lbs instead and push yourself!