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Progressive® VegeGreens®: From Great to Even Better!

by Natures Source 03 Jun 2024
Progressive® VegeGreens®: From Great to Even Better!

VegeGreens® has become a staple in your kitchen cabinet. A fully loaded, antioxidant-rich wellness punch to your water or your favorite smoothie. It’s no wonder why hundreds of Canadians add it to their cart. It’s your everyday greens powder, pushing the limits of nutrient density, in a delicious scoop.  

So why fix something that’s not broken? Why the reformulation? It all comes down to our Progressive Health Supplements values: to provide unparalleled quality with amazing taste.  We want to be better so you can continue to unlock next-level health. Through research and testing, we have adjusted the formula to provide more Health Canada-approved health benefits to continue to meet your health needs and wellness goals. Let’s take a deep dive into the reformulation and the changes to come.

#1: We’re keeping up with the research

No doubt, the OG VegeGreens® is packed with superfoods, like alfalfa and spirulina, but our newly renovated version is going to give you more! Based on the latest research indicating the powerful health benefits of mushrooms and tart cherry, we’ve innovated our VegeGreens® to include these highly nutritious superfoods. 

#2: We’ve refined the superfoods, giving you a stronger and potent antioxidant kick

There are several reasons why the ingredient list is refined and more focused on specific ingredients. First, we took out ingredients that limited who could take the product. We want to make nutrition accessible to all, so we’ve removed limiting ingredients like soy powder and lecithin, making the new and improved VegeGreens® soy and gluten free. Second, we’ve added more of the superfood superstars like spirulina, chlorella, spinach, and broccoli, so not to miss out on the power of superfoods

#3: You think it couldn’t get tastier, trust us, it has

We know how great the original VegeGreens® tastes but we’re always looking for improvements. With this reformulation, we’ve made sure that taste is not compromised. As part of our development processes, we made sure each version tasted as good or better than the original. With multiple rounds of flavour trials and the help of our extensive tasting panel, we’re improved taste profiles and flavours dramatically, especially the Blueberry Medley.

These changes make VegeGreens even more of a powerhouse that supports your immune system, helps protect your liver, and helps with digestion while supporting your overall health. Try the new and improved VegeGreens today! 

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