Pre-Workout Powders

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The greatest feeling you can get in a gym, or the most satisfying feeling you can get in the gym is, the Pump. Let’s say you train your biceps. Blood is rushing into your muscles and that's what we call The Pump. Your muscles get a really tight feeling, like your skin is going to explode any minute, and it's really tight like somebody blowing air into your muscle. It just blows up, and it feels really different. It feels fantastic.   "Arnold Schwarzenegger in the documentary film - P"ump Iron".

So What does a Cult Classic documentary film have to do with a natural dispensary store? The pump feeling that Arnold is describing is created using a combination of a healthy nutritional diet with supplement assistance from pre-workout powders. So what are pre-workout powders? They are made to improve concentration while working out, heighten energy levels, promote strength gains and muscle gains, improve stamina and enhance a speedy recovery after workout. How does this work? The main ingredients you will find in most pre-workout powders are varying levels of creatine, L-arginine and other selected amino acids as well as caffeine. Some pre-workout powders carry some carbohydrates as a catalyst to help the delivery of the other ingredients and also to boost energy before the workout.

Vega Pre-workout Energizer Vega is a company whose mission is to support the health and well-being of the human being. Even though most energy drinks are capable of giving you short bursts of energy, the task of increasing your stamina levels is much more difficult. Only a perfectly balanced list of ingredients, like that in Vega Pre-workout Energizer, will deliver energy at different times and is capable of doing this properly. In the world of pre-workout powders, most of the formulations that have been made contain a lot of caffeine to give people that same massive burst of energy. The main benefit of Vega is to give long lasting energy without the post-workout crash.

Green Tea
Green Tea has been found to have natural stimulants that help speed up your body’s natural processes so that you have energy quickly without a huge crash. Although a good mood can certainly help your desire to work out, it cannot decrease the actual fatigue and soreness you feel in your muscles. Recovery is, in my opinion, the main concern when training any of my clients.

Amino Acids
Amino Acids helps to speed up the recovery process so that your muscles can rebuild faster. Vega does not have amino acids in their product, but that is not their main goal. The vegan pre-workout main goal is to avoid crashing from large amounts of caffeine and to ensure long and maintained energy by making sure a person’s adrenals are not being “zapped” from an overhaul of stimulants.
Overall selecting a pre-workout powder becomes a matter of personal preference and individual needs. It is also important to find out what your body can best tolerate. As with any product, it is recommended to start with smaller doses and to slowly increase to the recommended dose in order to see how your body tolerates that product.