Need for Personal Trainer

  • Nature's Source

For many years, Nature's Source has been committed to providing premium customer service. While working with our customers in our stores around Ontario, we have been approached with many common inquiries over the years. One of these common inquiries centres around fitness. Here, at Nature's Source, we sell numerous sport supplements, which often lead to our customers inquiring about improving their personal fitness goals, such as gaining muscle, losing weight or increasing their strength.

The best way for these goals to be met is to put yourself into the hands of a competent personal trainer or fitness expert. They should be able to answer all your questions and concerns before they  can begin to embark on a long-lasting relationship with you towards your goals. You as a customer need to be sure you are fully confident in your trainer’s abilities to make sure you are safe during the training session. This is extremely important, as the Last thing you need is an injury to yourself during a training session, losing time and motivation to continue with the training. And there goes your own motivation to continue forward with the training. Before the training begins, the trainer should sit down with you to fully understand your goals and give some positive feedback on what you are about go through with the training. A lot people have already contemplated about doing personal training and people need to understand the full benefits of training because after all, it is an investment yourself.  A trainer needs to show value of his or her services, especially if it is specializing in specific training such as post rehab training, and sport specific training. 

Look at your trainer's credentials. Ask them about their certifications, diplomas or degrees pertaining to the overall human body. Most importantly, great trainers are the ones that have a lot of experience and great rapore with either their past clients or present clients. Experience is an asset, but what is most important is your rapore with the trainer and if they are the right fit for you personally. Each trainer can have a different tone and drive, and it is good to work with someone who brings out in you what you want from your goals. Make sure your trainer does practice what they preach. It’s called set an example! Make sure your trainer looks the part of a trainer. First impressions are everything in the training industry and a trainer is always “on” when on the gym floor. How he or she is conducting themselves in a professional manner and carries themselves across the gym floor can say a lot about the personal trainer’s abilities to do their job right. Professionalism is a huge trait to have when being a personal trainer.

To be a personal trainer, they need to a have a huge passion for training. After all a trainers job is to promote and help motivate you toward a lifestyle for a healthier change. Change is good, change is great! To embrace change, you need to step outside of your comfort level to make those changes a reality. I tell all my clients this: “Going to the gym is not like a confession on Mondays, which you only do once a week after a weekend of eating junk food before feeling sick. Working out and staying active is a lifestyle and commitment to look and feel great about yourself.”