Increasing Fertility through Detoxification

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When considering fertility ,one must consider toxicity.It is everywhere.

1. It’s in the food we eat.

2. The air we breathe.

3. The products we use and even in bottled water.

Awareness about toxins The key is being aware of these toxins and limiting the use of them in our daily lives. As our environment has become more toxic, infertility rates have skyrocketed. With the soaring popularity of alternative medicine, it’s no surprise that many couples are seeking alternatives to compliment traditional fertility treatments. One such option is a body a natural fertility enhancer designed to help your body achieve inner balance.

Endocrine disruptors Everyday exposure to a variety of chemicals can build up in our bodies over time and can lead to serious health problems. One of the biggest concerns with fertility is “endocrine disruptors.” These synthetic compounds can be found in everything from plastic containers to processed foods to body lotion. In fact, they are virtually inescapable.

Progesterone and estrogen The problem with endocrine disruptors is that they mimic natural hormones produced by our bodies – including female reproductive hormones such as progesterone and estrogen, disrupting the natural cycles of the body. Removing these harmful substances can be a daily challenge. Luckily, our bodies provided us with the systems to aid the process of elimination, such as our blood, liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin.

Cause of infertility in both Men and Women Although with so many new types of chemicals being introduced to our bodies each day, these systems can become overwhelmed and therefore unable to do their job and can be a real cause of infertility in both men and women.

Full body detox A full body detox is one way to reduce the effects of these chemicals and help your body in a number of ways, including improving your odds of getting pregnant.