Homeopathy for Insomnia

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Patients with insomnia have a wide range profiles. Homeopathy distinguishes these to assign the most appropriate remedy. Below, are keynotes for those most widely called for.

Ambra grisea 6x,c or 30c
Worry is the chief causative factor behind insomnia. Dreams full of anxious moments. Business troubles leading to sleeplessness. Cannot sleep in new places and in the presence of unfamiliar people. Limbs to go sleep on slightest pressure; arms go to sleep (go numb) while lying down. Worse by music, any unusual thing

Arnica 30c
Good for physical overwork and when the bed feels too hard and uncomfortable. This remedy is also useful for jet lag.

Chamomilla 30c
Ideal for someone who feels irritable and restless. It is also a great antidote for the overuse of coffee. Generally someone who needs this remedy will exhibit sleeplessness and restlessness during the first part of the night. Also great for an irritable baby who refuses to be calmed and their sleeplessness is caused by teething, anger or colic.

Belladona 30c
The patient imagines to see ghosts and dreadful animals. The child starts up very often and gnashes his teeth. When he starts from sleep suddenly, goes into spasms. Red face in starting up suddenly at night, redness of eyes and semi-stupor condition.

Cocculus 30c
If exhaustion is related to changing work shifts or too many nights of staying awake, as when caring for a sick person. Also for overtiredness and exhaustion. Another useful jet lag remedy too.

Coffea 30c
Coffea, the homeopathic remedy made from the coffee bean, is very useful in cases of sleeplessness when the mind is awake and overworking. Shows inability to relax due to the overexcitement caused by good news or ideas. Vivid dreams, overactive mind and overexcitement. The thoughts are not fixed on a disappointment, but nevertheless the nervous system seems to be overexcited, as if from drinking too much coffee.

Ignatia 30c
Sleeplessness caused by shock, emotional stress, or grief, where the person has become overwrought and moody, with frequent yawning or sighing. Jerks limbs when falling asleep. Mood swings, thirstlessness, dreams with bottled up anger and tension.

Kali Phos 6c or 30c
Great for night terrors, or waking up with a sinking feeling in the stomach. Caused by excitement or mental strain. Also for anxiety, irritability, and muscle fatigue. Someone who needs this remedy is often exhausted by stress or overwork.

Lachesis 30c
Sleep problems during the menopause. Sensation of suffocation at the throat or bed swaying as you go to sleep. Dread of going to bed. Tendency to hold breath whilst falling asleep. Night sweats. Waking anxious and feeling unwell.

Lycopodium 30c
One of the important constitutional remedies in sleep related troubles. Feels drowsy during the day. Startling in sleep. Dreams of accidents. Wakes at night feeling hungry. Better after midnight.

Nux vomica 30c
Excellent for the person who is irritable and sleepless from stopping sedatives, or from too much mental stress, alcohol or food. For alcohol, overeating (especially spicy foods), noise, and lack of steep. The sleeplessness typically occurs after waking up very early in the morning. The person cannot get back to sleep until just before the alarm goes off, and then gets up irritable and angry from lack of sleep.

Passiflora 6c
Very useful and one of the empirically given drug for insomnia, because it has a calming influence on the nervous system. When mental irritation or pain is the cause. In wakeful sleep resulting due to exhaustion. Especially useful in nervous people and aged people with insomnia. Mentally worries, hypochondriac, overworked people with a tendency to convulsions. May be associated with night cough.