Green Tea and Coffee may lower Stroke Risk

  • Nature's Source

A new study reports that the consumption of green tea and coffee may lower stroke risk. Green tea is made from the leaves of an evergreen shrub native to Southeast Asia. Both green tea and black tea are made from the same plant species. Green tea is rich in the class of polyphenol compounds known as catechins. Polyphenols may have health bene­fits for humans.

In the recent study, 82,369 Japanese men and women without heart disease or cancer were followed for 13 years. Green tea and coffee intake was measured by a food frequency questionnaire. During the study, 3,425 participants had a stroke and 910 participants developed heart disease. Drinking at least one cup of coffee daily lowered the stroke risk by 20 percent, compared to seldom coffee consumption. Additionally, drinking two to three cups of green tea daily signi­ficantly reduced the risk of stroke.

Drinking four cups or more daily of green tea reduced the stroke risk even further. Both coffee and green tea consumption were also linked to a lowered risk of heart disease.