For Your Information: Injection and IV Services by Naturopathic Doctors

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Consumers may not be aware that in Ontario Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) may provide injection and intravenous (IV) services to their patients. These are valuable treatment options that can be of great benefit to consumers as patients.
NDs who offer injection services are required to undergo training and be specially certified. Around 20% of Ontario NDs are so certified and it is likely that only some of these offer extensive injection services as part of their practice. To find a qualified ND offering injection or IV services use the following link to the "Connect with and ND" web page at the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors. In the Areas of Focus search box, highlight ‘IV Therapy’. (
What kind of benefits to patients can be had through injection or IV therapy? Michael Frosina, ND, who practices in this field, explains: "People with chronic digestive disorders such as Crohn’s or celiac disease absorb nutrients very poorly. It also allows a doctor to achieve nutrient levels in the body that would not be possible with oral supplementation. Delivering nutrients by injection or IV infusion by-passes the obstacle of a poorly functioning digestive system. The benefits to a patient can be quite dramatic". To put it a little more little more bluntly, this writer regularly encounters people who have a hard time expressing in words just how much better they have felt after injection treatment.
When an ND has determined that injection or IV treatment is appropriate, the doctor will write a prescription for the ingredients which the patient can have fulfilled at a compounding pharmacy. Once the medicine is in hand, the treatment is administered in the practitioners clinic. If the prescription is in a multi-dose format, it is kept secure in the custody of the doctor. A Naturopathic will communicate with a patient’s other heath providers such as a medical physician to better ensure their safety and continuity of service.
What, exactly may be administered by injection by a Naturopathic doctor is regulated by a schedule of drugs. You will see most of these approved drugs are of a nutritional nature and the naturopathic doctor may combine them in her prescription when it is deemed best for you. EDTA for chelation is not on the approved drugs schedule so NDs — at least in Ontario — may not undertake chelation IV therapy. Homeopathic medicines are also ‘not approved’ for injection. If it’s not on the official list, it’s ‘not approved’ and NDs will not administer anything beyond those drugs that are approved.
If you believe injection or IV therapy might serve you, search out or talk to your existing naturopathic doctor. You own your own body. Take charge.