EpiCor is a novel immune system enhancer

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What is EpiCor? EpiCor is a revolutionary product derived from baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). It’s used to help modulate the Immune system through various mechanisms.

EpiCor is an antioxident EpiCor is a potent Antioxidant that is rich in catechins, resveratrol as well as squalene which is normally found in sharks. In fact, the antioxidant activity of EpiCor is greater than that of blueberries. But before I get into the benefits of taking EpiCor, I would like discuss how it was discovered.

The history of EpiCor The discovery of this yeast-derived product occurred in 2004, when insurance adjusters noticed that employees of an animal nutritional-products manufacturer had unusually low sick leave rates and filed fewer claims. The owners thought it was the yeast culture – designed to keep animals healthy – that was also enhancing the employees immune system. They commissioned a study which found that individuals who worked directly with the yeast culture experienced increased natural killer cell activity, higher Antioxidant levels, an improved ratio of CD4 (t-helper) to CD8 (t-suppressor) and lower levels of immune complexes. This tells us that EpiCor modulates the immune system, has antioxidant properties and provides protection against certain microorganisms.

How does EpiCor work? First, EpiCor modulates the immune system by increasing t-helper cells, so one has a better immune response. Then it enhances Natural Killer cell activity. It does not increase the number, but makes NK cells more efficient at killing unwanted microorganisms.

How does EpiCor reduce the chances of cold or flu? EpiCor increases levels of secretory IgA which protects the nasal passages, mucous membranes and the eyes. These are all areas where one can get infected with a virus or bacteria – reducing one’s chances of getting a flu or cold. Employees who were exposed to the fermented yeast rarely got a cold or flu. In microbial studies, EpiCor reduced the growth rate of coliforms (E.Coli) and Candida tropicalis.

Are there side effects? EpiCor is extremely safe with no side effects. Studies were done to see if there were possible drug interactions. Researchers found that it’s not toxic and does not enhance drug-metabolizing enzymes.
Nadeem Aslam, B.Sc. researches and recommends new products for Nature’s Source.