Children and a Wholesome Diet

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We live in a fast paced society where the nutritional aspect of foods is greatly overlooked. There is so much emphasis today on poor nutritional food supplements and meals via the media markets today, that it is often frustrating and difficult to plan nutritious meals, but it is not impossible. Because we are competing against market retailers that have discovered how to reach the appetites of our children through emotions and desires, it is essential to find alternative choices to present to them as better substitutes in their diets. The majority of the calories ingested during the day are often taste-enhanced refined foods or fast food from fast food restaurants.

1. Just turn on the TV during prime time and watch the types of items advertised to catch your attention. These market retailers spend hours, if not months, determining what marketing strategies and techniques will work best to sell their product. In many cases companies only barely demonstrate the worth of their products, choosing instead to entice the customer with views of enhanced self-esteem, glorified lifestyles, and other scenarios that have little relationship to do with the products being advertised.This has a huge impact on the health of your child who may become deficient in nutrients essential for a growing Child .

2. They also need a sufficient amount of Energy to fuel the body’s metabolism to meet the demands of their daily activities, especially during the years where they spend 6-7 hours a day participating in school.

3. Nutritionally the body loves to receive fresh fruits and vegetables as its primary source for Vitamins and Minerals,but a balanced diet includes a little from many food groups; grains, vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products, meat, beans, fish, nuts, and oils.

Nuts can be health hazard Please note that Nuts cannot be taken to school because they can be a health hazard to those who have allergies, but they can be eaten at home by those without allergies.

Great Snack Ideas Here are some helpful snack recommendations that are great alternatives - suggestions of new types of organic sources of breads, cookies and juices. Remember always eat in moderation, and don’t use snacks as a replacement for eating 3 Healthy and Nutritious meals a day, consuming proteins, vegetables and complex carbohydrates. Many supermarkets today have higher quality breads available and they excellent for sandwiches. Look for breads using different organic grains – some alternative choices readily available are multigrain breads, Soy, Spelt-Raisin, Kamut-Gingerbread, Kamut and Flax, and a Sprouted flax bread with honey. Another company producing organic breads has a Fruit Seed Medly flavour and a Potato flavour that are both Wheat and Gluten Free.

Perfect snack for children Consider pastas made up of colorful organic vegetables or wild rice spirals, or shells of spinach, carrot, or beets that are a wonderful lunch and snack idea. There are some awesome organic apple sauces with strawberries or bananas or peaches that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Fresh juices are source of Vitamin C Soft drinks can be replaced with pure pressed, not from concentrate, fresh juices rich in Vitamin C .They come in a wide variety of flavours such as pear nectar, apple, wildberry, cranberry, pineapple, and peach.

Recommend your children organic meal Last, but not least, most of the store bought cookies are full of refined sugar and hydrogenerated oils. If you are considering sending your child with sugary-type sweets in between meals, why not consider an organic cookie? An example is a fig bar that is all natural and sweetened with fruit juice. Or how about a real oatmeal cookie with no preservatives, no cholesterol and is made with spring water? Even organic banana or soy waffles can make an excellent snack.

Chose healthy diet Whatever you chose to do, it is a definite asset to become familiar with an organic supermarket whose primary concern is providing you with the best organic fruits, vegetables, meats, and snacks to help you maintain an adequate amount of dietary support, and to allow you to cook or plan meals much more effectively.