All About Seasonal Depression

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Winter seasonal depression plagues many people and is difficult to treat. So many pathways of expression, so many medications. Yet, the seasonal association is a clue. Seasonal as in ‘the party season’. It’s holiday time and people throw caution to the winds. Their dietary discipline vanishes. Overwhelmed by a sense of entitlement, people consume food and beverage that are alien, exotic and for which they have little innate digestive capacity. Yummy garbage hits them like a tsunami.

The bill is paid in the currency of histamine. Way too much histamine being evoked. More than can be normally methylated in Phase II liver. The histamine sewer backs up. Welcome to the depressing world of histadelia. The winter seasonal histadelic depression is then driven by periodic binges of dietary indiscretions. There is also a spring seasonal variant driven by aerosol pollens and soil bacteria.

States of depression have their own personalities. Histadelics are ‘glum’. Really glum. A complete inability to experience joy from any situation that should normally elicit it. Riddled with anticipatory anxiety, cross and impatient. The stimulant effects of excess circulating histamine causes a person to appear and feel ‘wired’, over-wound, driven and with insomnia. Basically, they’re high from pigging out on weird holiday foods.


By the time a patient becomes alarmed and sees a practitioner, it’s too late to tell them to stop binging three weeks earlier. They could stop now but generally, they’ll run out of gas when the season winds down. You might attenuate the case with a ton of digestive enzymes alternated with activated charcoal. But, there is a more effective, simple, safe and inexpensive alternative – l-methionine. This plain essential amino acid is a methyl donor and is in a form that readily refreshes the liver’s methylation pathway. Circulating histamine is swiftly methylated. This can happen so fast that depression can abate before your eyes.

While it doesn’t take a lot of methionine to have some effect, the patient is busy making fresh rounds of histamine. As they keep making their toxic drug of choice, more methionine has to be fed so that it can be metabolized.

Histamine is a powerful neurotransmitter. If there is a histadelic depression present, no other intervention will have any positive benefit. Serotonergic or noradrenergic agents miss the point. Large amounts of vitamin C, specialty DAO enzymes may help. But seasonal depression is acute, periodic and these other things are too little, too late. To clean things up and stabilize the case, methyl donors are required.

There are two forms of methionine on the market. One is simple 500 mg/cap of just l-methionine. The other form is S-adenosylmethionine or SAMe. This latter is an approved synthetic form of methionine, which is target, marketed for relief of histamine mediated joint pain. To relieve a histadelic depression by methyl administration, either will suffice. Best to give only one capsule/tablet at bedtime, which will ensure a good sleep and allow the liver to do its business while the person is not stuffing their face with more histamine inducing foods. After that, ad-lib gently till the seasonal eating binge is over.