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vitamin b12

  1. Healthy Smoothies

    Healthy Smoothies

    Smoothie can serve different purposes – it could be a fun way to blend a few fruits with your toddler, it’s a sneaky way to add hidden greens and vegetables into your family’s diet or a fast way to make a liquid meal on the go. It is super easy - just throw a few ingredients in a blander and there you have a delicious and nutritious drink.

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  2. Training Our Youth: Building a Future Foundation

    Training Our Youth: Building a Future Foundation

    One step in helping teenagers make smart food choices. Instead of buying “junk food”, fill your house with vegetables, fruits, whole grains and water. Parents also need to remember what it was like to be a teenager. Teens want to hang out with their friends and do what their friends do. For teenagers, going to fast food restaurants with their friends is usually for the social aspect. Instead of worrying about what they are going to eat when they go out, why not look at the menu with your teen and find healthier options when eating out.

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  3. Vitamins as a Memory Booster

    Vitamins as a Memory Booster

    Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Folic acid regulate levels of homocysteine, an amino acid associated with Alzheimer’s disease. According to a 2009 study conducted by the Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Aging, the above B vitamins slow the rate of brain shrinkage, a common impairment among individuals with Alzheimer’s. Individuals with the slowest rate of brain shrinkage scored significantly better on cognitive tests

    It is always wise to invest in a good Vitamin B Complex either in a liquid form or in tablets or caplets, in order to ensure a balanced s

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  4. Vitamin B12 is Effective for Detoxifying Environmental Pollutants

    Vitamin B12 is well known for its many health benefits but scientists at the University of Manchester have found this nutrient is additionally of great value lowering the toxicity of many noxious pollutants that humans are regularly exposed to. After many years a research team at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology have pinpointed how Vitamin B12 is valuable in neutralizing some of the worst toxins.
    Led by Professor David Leys, researchers realized that certain organisms manage to lower the toxicity of pollutants. The secret lies in their ability to use Vitamin B12 to deal with the tricky halogen atoms found in common pollutants.
    “We already know that some of the most toxic pollutants contain halogen atoms and that most

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  5. Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 May Prevent Memory Loss

    Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 May Prevent Memory Loss

    A recent report published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition states that oral supplements of olic acid (FA) and Vitamin B12 may help prevent memory loss in certain elderly patients.
    Vitamin B12 deficiency, commonly observed in elderly populations, has been associated with abnormal psychiatric symptoms. The use of folic acidto enhance cognitive skills and improve psychiatric illnesses has been investigated in other studies.

    This study randomly assigned 900 adult participants, aged 60-74 years, experiencing symptoms of depression and

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