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  1. The importance of a sleep routine

    This can be a difficult transition time for some of us but our bodies thrive on routine so staying on the same sleep/wake cycle as much as possible is the best thing for your health. Our immune system and hormonal regulation revolve around our sleep/wake pattern so to optimize these systems getting a consistent good night sleep is key.

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  2. Lavender Oil

    The rolling hills of Provence in France, teaming with endless rows of lavender, play host to spas, yoga studios, meditation, and mindfulness retreats, with the serene scent of lavender serving as inspiration. This versatile member of the mint family is employed as an ingredient for the staple of every kitchen in “herbes de Provence” and for many applications including potpourri, soaps , and candles; and for herbal pairings in hops pillows for sleep enhancements. However, the benefits of oral dosage for lavender oil is

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  3. What to do about Adrenal Exhaustion

    What to do about Adrenal Exhaustion

    Adrenal Fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, adrenal insufficiency…it’s a syndrome. It is refers to a collection of nonspecific symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, joint pain, insomnia, hypoglycemia, depression, nervousness, sleep disturbances and digestive problems presenting in an otherwise healthy person with normal laboratory test results. However a person has been living that has placed such stress on the adrenals that are beyond its ability to sustain adequate function. It is difficult to get ‘traction’ with a person so afflicted. Adrenal exhaustion

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  4. Homeopathy for Insomnia

    Patients with insomnia have a wide range profiles. Homeopathy distinguishes these to assign the most appropriate remedy. Below, are keynotes for those most widely called for.

    Ambra grisea 6x,c or 30c
    Worry is the chief causative factor behind insomnia. Dreams full of anxious moments. Business troubles leading to sleeplessness. Cannot sleep in new places and in the presence of unfamiliar people. Limbs to go sleep on slightest pressure; arms go to sleep (go numb) while lying down. Worse by music, any unusual thing

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  5. Sound Asleep

    Sound Asleep

    After a hard day's work, all we crave is a peaceful night’s sleep to help rejuvenate us for the next day. With all the day’s events and worries, and also those of the next day, the mind has a tough time shutting down. A good sleep helps us grow, avoid being sick, maintain our daily energy and keep us mentally stable.

    When trying to treat sleep disturbances, the most important thing to recognize is whether the person is having a tough time falling asleep OR are they having a tough time staying asleep. Next, one needs to figure out if stress and anxiety are creating the problem. Another important thing to clear up is whether shift work is creating the problem.

    There are many sleep supplements on the market, be it single or co

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