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  1. Why Am I Always So Bloated?

    Why Am I Always So Bloated?

    Bloating is a digestive complaint experienced by many people.

    You may be bloated if you feel your pants are too tight after meals, your gut feels like there are tiny “explosions” occurring or if you experience an uncomfortable fullness after consuming a meal. Digestive concerns are very common these days and this is due to many factors including the North American diet, lack of movement, stress, and not prioritising time when it comes to preparing and eating meals. More often than not, people are eating on the go or eating out.


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  2. Why Should You Care About Gut Health?

    The field of digestive health is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Disruptions to the digestive system have been implicated as a critical factor in seemingly unrelated disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, food allergies , and Type 2 Diabetes . But many people are acutely sensitive to digestive distress long before disease symptoms arise because the gut interacts with so many aspects of our physiology, from the nervous system to the endocrine system. While there’s no concrete evidence saying that restoring gut health will prevent

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