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  1. Weight loss and detoxification

    Weight loss and detoxification

    Used unwisely, many of those detoxification processes available in the market are doing more damage to the body than benefits and long term of use is the proof that if it was working then you will not use it again and again. Cleansing is good, but obviously a change in the lifestyle is a must.

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  2. Spring Cleaning and Detoxification

    Spring Cleaning and Detoxification

    Especially in temperate latitudes human function and well being is significantly affected by the rhythms of changing seasons. Readers will know that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) afflicts many people in the transition from fall to winter. Less well known is that cholesterol levels vary seasonally across populations. "The change in climate and behavior that follows each season can have an effect on lipid metabolism and possibly even heart health." This, recently, from the American College of Cardiology, no less1. The approach of spring heralds a new cycle of growth and procreation. Rituals and protocols associated with spring are deeply inscribed in the culture and religion of human society. Every traditional system of health addresses the challenge of spring – what one should do, things to avoid and how to go about it all. The central axis of purification and fertility

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  3. Increasing Fertility through Detoxification

    Increasing Fertility through Detoxification

    When considering fertility ,one must consider toxicity.It is everywhere.

    1. It’s in the food we eat.

    2. The air we breathe.

    3. The products we use and even in bottled water.

    Awareness about toxins The key is being aware of these toxins and limiting the use of them in our daily lives. As our environment has become more toxic, infertility rates have skyrocketed. With the soaring popularity of alternative medicine, it’s no surprise that many couples are seeking alternatives to compliment traditional fertility treatments. One such option is

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