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  1. Cancer-Related Fatigue — What to Do About a Fatigue That Can’t Be Slept Off

    Cancer-Related Fatigue — What to Do About a Fatigue That Can’t Be Slept Off

    Seemingly contradictory for treating fatigue, exercise and movement is excellent medicine and well-supported by the research for improving cancer-related fatigue. Aerobic exercise, where heartrate and breathing are increased, is more helpful for fatigue-management compared to resistance or weighted exercises. Aerobic exercise has an effect on our  mitochondria, the energy-producing factories in our cells; it can help us produce more of them as well as facilitate their repair. 

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  2. Creamy Curried Cauliflower Soup

    Creamy Curried Cauliflower Soup

    Who can deny the joy of eating a warm, comforting bowl of soup on a cold winter’s day? The world can be a grey and stormy mess, but inside.. on your coach with a warm bowl of freshly made soup, there is peace. It’s a bonus when the soup is also packed full of vitamins and cancer fighting antioxidants. A part of the cruciferous vegetable family, cauliflower contains Sulforaphane, a molecule that you may have heard of regarding its anti-cancer affects.

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  3. Latest Advances in Mental Cognition Supplementation

    In recent years, consumer demand has exploded for products that will protect and increase healthy brain function and enhance mental acuity. Global industry surveys show that sales of key ingredients such as omega-3 oils, phospholipids, CoQ10 and ginkgo biloba have risen rapidly. Hundreds of new combination ingredient formulae are flooding the marketplace and many novel ingredients have been introduced. Clearly, consumers are concerned about their mental health and are looking to nutrition and supplementation for protection.
    Well established ingredients such as ginkgo biloba and DHA-rich omega-3 fish oils are increasingly widely used. Sales of CoQ10 – which protects against dementia – nearly doubled between 2002 and 2007. However, there are many other safe and effective nutrients now available that will help you sharpen your brain power.

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