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  1. Weight loss and detoxification

    Weight loss and detoxification

    Used unwisely, many of those detoxification processes available in the market are doing more damage to the body than benefits and long term of use is the proof that if it was working then you will not use it again and again. Cleansing is good, but obviously a change in the lifestyle is a must.

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  2. Lycopene: The Most Potent Anti-Oxidant with Endless Benefits!!!

    New research is showing that Lycopene, the carotenoid that gives tomatoes their bright red colour, is being heralded as a SUPER anti-oxidant! - capable of not only prevention, but as an interventional therapy for a vast list of chronic diseases and conditions.

    Lycopene is usually associated with prostate health in men, but its’ benefits are far more reaching. Several recent studies have shown that by having a high level of lycopene in your blood increases arterial health by 53% in cardiovascular disease patients! (1)

    Also a Finnish study(2) showed that participants with the highest levels of lycopene in their blood

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  3. What Are Raw Food Natural Health Products?

    What Are Raw Food Natural Health Products?

    Raw foods NHPs are characterised by containing ingredients that have not been subjected to heat – above 48 degrees centigrade (115 to 120° Fahrenheit) during manufacture. Subjecting nutrients to cooking or heat destroys their enzymes which are essential for their therapeutic benefit. Without the presence of these enzymes, we simply do not get the full, life-supporting, health-promoting potential from our food. Further, cooking at high temperatures causes a drastic loss of vitamins and minerals and produces various carcinogens to appear in our food.

    Raw foods
    provide far larger quantities of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, probiotics and enzymes. So in essence, raw foods are much closer to their living state: full of energy, growing and thriving. I

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  4. Matcha: A Healthy Advantage

    Matcha: A Healthy Advantage

    Green tea is well known for its health benefits. But did you know it also comes in a more nutrient-dense powdered form? Matcha (from the Japanese words matsu, meaning ground or rubbed, and cha, meaning tea) is a powdered Japanese green tea full of nutrients and antioxidants. Unlike regular green tea where the leaves are steeped in hot water and then thrown away, with matcha you are basically consuming the entire tea leaf.
    But that’s the basics. There’s so much more.
    Japanese monks introduced matcha to Japan in the late 12th century, as traveling tea cakes which they used for energy and mental clarity--important for long d

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