Healthy Skin Routine

Simple and gentle tips to improve and maintain your kid’s skin health. A healthy, safe skin-care routine for your child should revolve around one word: gentle. There are many skincare products made forbabies and children containing irritating ingredients. That’s not good for your child’s skin but there are many alternatives!

Kids like to explore new things and by doing so, unfortunately, they become more prone to rashes, bruises and skin infections. Sometimes a poisonous plant or a bug bite can cause irritation and itchiness. Bruises might be very common with your child if he/she has an active lifestyle. Act immediately to avoid its severity in order to eliminate chances of further infection. Nature’s Aid is a great first aid and used as a multipurpose for pretty much everything. It contains only 5 ingredients – aloe vera, witch hazel, Vitamin E , tea tree oil and rosemary. The less ingredients, the less chance for allergic reactions.

Maintaining head-to-toe hygiene is a must for every child. Make sure they wash their hands and face regularly with soap, especially after coming back from school and after playing. Heavily scented cleansers or harsh soaps can cause dryness. Many kids are allergic to perfumes, dyes and detergents. Opt for mild soaps such as Dr. Bronner’s baby unscented castile soap that is specialized for their delicate skin. Bathing in the evening will also help your child unwind and keep germs away.

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, can be described as a variety of skin rashes ranging from small sections of skin that are slightly itchy, dry and irritated to chronically inflamed and crusted areas covering the entire body and can have extensive itching. It can have multiple appearances, look and feel completely different from person to person. Whether it is due to genetics, environmental factors, diet, or stress, many eczema cases have uncertain causes. Because there is no cure, the best treatment is to reduce the symptoms, especially the itchiness. Pharmaceutical-based treatments such as corticosteroid ointments, immunosuppressants and antihistamines can have severe long-term damaging effects on the skin and other interactions. Making sure the skin is kept moisturized regularly can reduce eczema symptoms. AOR has an eczema cream product that is gentle and contains effective natural ingredients to hydrate and target the symptoms. It contains oatmeal to soothe and improve the skin barrier. Topical B12 and nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) have been shown in human clinical studies to reduce the severity of eczema in as little as 2 weeks in both children and adults. It also contains MSM to reduce redness and itching, great for rosacea too!