Fighting your fat cells

Managing weight is not easy. It is a life-long commitment. You need to re-look your eating and lifestyle patterns and have a realistic goal. Start by planning short-term goals and look for weight loss in increments rather than focusing on the target weight and how long it is going to take to achieve it. This will only discourage you.

Why don't fat cells disappear, already?
The truth of the matter is that over-consumption of calories promotes fat cell production. Fat cells are very influential in weight control because they are permanent. Once a fat cell is produced, it can gain or lose size but the number of fat cells never decreases. They refill readily so those who have more fat cells and lose weight generally regain weight more easily than those who have fewer fat cells.

Did you know that about 98% of people who lose weight will regain it back within a 5-year period?
Obesity can't be cured, however, it can be successfully controlled through diet and regular physical activity. Here are some recommendations to help you with weight loss and weight management.

Weight-reducing strategies:

  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals ( minimum 250-300 calories/meal)
  • Plan a nutritional diet with roughly 300-500 calories lower than needed for your target weight and activity level (no lower than 1200 calories / day)
  • Drink non-caloric fluids and lots of water
  • Incorporate high fibre to keep you fuller for longer periods of time
  • Include a minimum of 20 minutes a day of physical activity. This burns calories and increases metabolism
  • Attitude is critical. Staying positive about achieving your goal will make you more successful

Keep learning
For more information, I recommend Dr. Joey Shulman’s book called "The Last 15". It will show you how to change your old habits and reset your metabolic code within 30 days. It also explains further in detail why it’s crucial to incorporate low-glycemic index foods, lean proteins and essential fats for permanent weight loss and much more.

Jennifer Altamaniuk, RHN, is a holistic nutritionist and certified trainer, and has worked as a nutritionist at a gym. She has experience helping people with weight loss and meal planning. To set up a consultation, please contact Jennifer at the Mississauga store.