Spring is the perfect time to cleanse and detoxify your body, leading to balance, health and relaxation. Living in today’s world exposes us to external toxins (endotoxins) and can cause the over-production of internal toxins. Periodic cleansing can help us achieve better health and give our bodies the chance to recover from having to process these toxins.

What happens when toxins enter the body?
Unfortunately, when toxins enter our blood and liver, they damage our immune system and can leave us vulnerable to disease. Where do they come from? Toxins are present in our food and water as a result of pesticide use and pollution. Just take a look at the acid environment present in water pipes that causes corrosion, leeching heavy metals.
The pesticides used on plants also trigger a stress response within the body. They slow down our receptors, the very things that are supposed to lessen the toxicity within our bodies. Also, chemicals in personal care products and plastic water bottles can cause stress to the liver and body tissues, leading to organ damage.

Our bodies also produce toxins internally:

  • Our cells produce waste that needs to be metabolized and flushed
  • Stress can produce harmful toxins, even if you follow a healthy diet

Deep cleansing is the act of restoring balance to the cells
A good cleanse not only restores, but also regenerates our bodies in a step-by-step process. The process of cleansing expels toxins, and then allows the body to use healthy nutrients to rebuild itself.
First, balancing the pH level in the body is very important. Proper pH balance helps prevent disease and maximizes the efficiency of our liver, the antioxidant systems in our cells, and the organs of elimination. The liver begins a two-phase process to rid the body of toxins.

  • During phase one, liver enzymes work to break down toxins so they become fat soluble. Many free radicals are formed in phase one of the detoxification, which then need to be expelled.
  • During phase two of a liver detox, 80% of toxins will be metabolized. The body will then attempt to recycle any leftover material, even if that material is harmful. Because the body’s own systems of detoxification may be overwhelmed, the ingredients in a cleanse can help to support the clearing of leftover, potentially harmful material.

The importance of a good cleanse
From what you can see, it’s important to follow a cleanse that supports both phases of liver detoxification. A good cleanse should help: restore alkalinity, increase lymph activity, support liver detoxification, chelate heavy metals, and improve intestinal function. Your body will thank you for it.

Anne Brownell, B.A., Assistant Manager at Nature’s Source in Oakville. She is enrolled in the Registered Holistic Nutritionist Program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.