1. SIBO: A Holistic Approach

    SIBO: A Holistic Approach

    The health of our microbiome dictates our overall health status. Human cells outnumbered by the number and variety of microbes in our bodies. Our microbiota, the friendly microbes in our gut, help to digest food, strengthen our immune system, defend our intestines from unfriendly bacteria, and heal our gut. The balance of our gut microbiota lies in a complex relationship between our genetics, diet, environment, and even our social circles.

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  2. Why You Need to See a Naturopathic Doctor Before Purchasing That Supplement

    Why You Need to See a Naturopathic Doctor Before Purchasing That Supplement

    When you walk into a ‘health food store’ you can be pretty sure to find something that is beneficial to take for what ails you - anything from a cold to cancer. Is there an advantage to seeing a naturopathic doctor prior to purchasing that vitamin or herb? You bet there is!

    Consider this - you are an individual. You may have more than one health concern happening at the same time. You may also be on prescription medication. Walking into a store and purchasing something to address one symptom might help, but there might be something better suited to your specific needs. You want what you take to be effective for your concern. And sometimes what’s

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  3. Drug Induced Nutritional Deficiencies

    One of the most common side effects of medications is that they have the ability to rob you of essential nutrients. The diagram below lists several examples of some of the most common drug induced nutritional deficiencies.

    Credits:  Chart by Dr. Peter Osborne of the Gluten Free Society.

    Nutritional Deficiencies

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  4. Natural Vitamins and Supplements Improve Brain Function

    Can’t find your car keys? Forget what’s on your TO DO work list? You’re not alone. Each one of us forgets things occasionally. We may call it a ‘seniors moment’, but memory loss is nothing to take lightly. All of us know the old saying use it or lose. Well, it’s the same for our brain.
    This giant sized look alike walnut, is the hub center of various types of intelligence, reasoning, memory and other cognitive skills. One of the ways to keep it from becoming sluggish, is to be mentally active. Volunteer, learn a musical instrument, pick up the newspaper and do the Sudoku, learn a new hobby etc. This will keep the electrical impulses in the brain, firing.
    All of us know that the basics to prevent memory loss are to:

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    • Are there lab tests for low energy or fatigue?

      Yes, the good news is there are a few laboratory tests that can be used to determine what causes you to be tired or have low Energy .

      The first test that I recommend is thyroid function.
      The proper function of your thyroid hormone is vital for normal energy production, proper body temperature, ideal body weight and overall vitality. The tests that are usually ordered are TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), FT4 (free T4), FT3 (free T3) and the body temperature test.
      I usually don’t endorse the blood tests especially TSH because a lot of people with underlying thyroid conditions may show so called normal results even though they still feel tired. The

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    • Histadelia - A primer on Histamine, Folate and Methylation

      Histadelia - A primer on Histamine, Folate and Methylation

      How do you know if you have histadelia? Histadelia is characterized by insomnia, gastric pain, nausea, and persistent headaches. There's a tendency towards depression, a state of chronic inner tension, and an obsessive-compulsive-like mood with a short temper and even phobias. If you’re lying in bed at night hoping for sleep, but your brain won't stop, this can be the chatter of histamine expressing itself.

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    • STABILIUM 200 for nutrition and cognitive function

      If you’re under stress or are want to improve your brain functioning, you may want to try Stabilium 200. It’s designed to support the body’s response to stress and it may also provide nutritional support and help cognitive function.

      What is Stabilium 200?
      It’s composed of Garum Armoricum that comes from the Blue Ling fish. Still not clear? A history lesson can help explain what Garum Armoricum is. During the third century BC, the Celts of Armorica, Ireland discovered that an extract from the deep-sea Blue fish could improve resilience to physical and emotional

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    • Vitamin D supports cardiovascular health

      There have been a series of recent reports about the many benefits of Vitamin D. Now, a group of U.S. researchers has concluded that low Vitamin D levels dramatically increase the risk factors for Cardiovascular disease, particularly hypertension and thickening of the heart and blood vessels.

      In a review published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (December 9, 2008) the authors state “Vitamin D deficiency is an unrecognized, emerging cardiovascular risk factor that should be screened for and treated”.

      Citing data from the long-running Framingham H

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