1. Postpartum Collagen Energy Bites

    Postpartum Collagen Energy Bites

    Collagen is the main protein in the vaginal canal and is a thin lining that separates the internal and external surfaces of the vagina. Collagen plays a role in supporting vaginal elasticity, and strengthening the pelvic floor and reproductive tract, which is important for birth. Collagen is not only needed during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks, but should be supplemented post pregnancy to replenish lost collagen during birth.

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  2. Sports Nutrition for Teens: Important Vitamins and Minerals

    Sports Nutrition for Teens: Important Vitamins and Minerals

    Dietary and lifestyle concerns change as a person ages, but the core vitamins and minerals that can help with exercise performance will benefit a person of any age. Young people engaging in regular physical activity should ensure that they have a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals that will help their bodies perform and recover optimally.

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  3. Collagen Supportive Measures for Healthy Skin

    Collagen Supportive Measures for Healthy Skin

    Healthy beautiful skin, gleaning hair and strong nails are a checklist for most. The common denominator within this check list is that they all require in part collagen as one of the main building blocks alongside keratin and elastin. 
    Collagen is abundant throughout our body and its main function is to support the structure and firmness of our dermis which in turn supports our epidermis. This resilient triple helix structure is a building block for our body’s internal framework reaching from our skin, internal organs and cartilage. 

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  4. Head Lice: What to do When Nothing Seems to Work

    Head Lice: What to do When Nothing Seems to Work

    There are four reasons why treatment of head lice can fail.

    Cause 1) the head lice treatment was not applied properly.

    In this situation, the chemical does not come into contact with the lice long enough at a high enough concentration. This is usually due to not covering all the hairs adequately with the chemical. Cover the hair from roots to ends with the product. One way to make sure that you have covered all the hair is to comb the product in with a normal comb. Check how you are applying the product and read the instructions on the package. If you have done all of this then application is not a problem.

    Cause 2) the lice are resistant to the insecticide used.


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  5. Shiny, happy hair!

    Many people think that hair care starts with shampooing. Not so! It starts with what you eat. In general, a healthy diet of whole foods – whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sufficient protein and lots of water is needed.

    What’s hair made of?
    Hair contains all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients the body needs for health. That’s why diet is so important for the condition of your hair. It’s about 97% protein, which is the building block for strong hair.

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