Green Tea

  1. Life After Baby: The Mommy Diaries

    Life After Baby: The Mommy Diaries

    Being a mother can be one of the most fulfilling jobs, but it can also be quite perilous on your health. No one truly prepares mothers for what is to come after your baby is born. Some mothers may struggle with breastmilk production, or not be consuming enough fluids, while other mothers may struggle with self-care. Below is a list of dos and don’ts for moms.   

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  2. Matcha: A Healthy Advantage

    Matcha: A Healthy Advantage

    Green tea is well known for its health benefits. But did you know it also comes in a more nutrient-dense powdered form? Matcha (from the Japanese words matsu, meaning ground or rubbed, and cha, meaning tea) is a powdered Japanese green tea full of nutrients and antioxidants. Unlike regular green tea where the leaves are steeped in hot water and then thrown away, with matcha you are basically consuming the entire tea leaf.
    But that’s the basics. There’s so much more.
    Japanese monks introduced matcha to Japan in the late 12th century, as traveling tea cakes which they used f

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