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  1. Protecting Your Eyes From Screen Damage

    What is Blue Light?

    Chances are, given the year we have had, where printed paper has become even more scarce than it was before March 2020, you are reading this article on some type of device. Whether it's a phone, laptop, desktop or tablet it is emitting "blue light" . Blue light has become something that we are only recently wary of as potentially doing long-lasting damage to our eyes. Most people will associate blue light as a light that comes solely from the electronic devices we use daily, but blue light is actually everywhere., not just from our beloved devices. Primarily, blue light in fact comes from the sun, hence their blue look. In fact, our eyes have always been exposed to it but like many aspects of modern society, we just weren't Our eyes have always been exposed to it, but as humans, we just weren't physiologically built to handle the excessive amount that

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  2. Homeopathy for Cold and Flu

    It’s fall, which means it’s this time of the year when the weather is usually unpredictable making the body more susceptible to catching cold or flu. Luckily with homeopathy, we can overcome the cold or flu quickly, gently and safely. First, it is important to differentiate between a cold and flu. 

    A cold entails stuffy runny nose, sneezing, mild to moderate chest discomfort, cough, and sore throat. While flu is characterized by high fever, aches, pain, weakness and fatigue, extreme exhaustion, chest discomfort, cough, possibility of headaches, nausea with or without vomiting.

    The homeopathy cure principle states “like cures like”; which means homeopathic remedy is prescribed to match the symptoms manifested by the cold or flu. To elaborate more, a person who catch a cold might  have a runny nose, tearing eyes and countless sneezes. On the other hand, another person might c

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  3. Anxiety - Depression And Probiotics

    When assessing one’s health, mental health is an aspect which should be taken into consideration to ensure a comprehensive treatment plan to improve overall well-being. Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are prevalent in today’s society as our lives can be fast-paced, stressful, and demanding. While anxiety is beneficial in moderation, excessive anxiety can be detrimental to our health.  

    Anxiety is described as negative apprehension and tension about the future and symptoms include: excessive worrying which is difficult to control, restlessness, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, irritability, muscle tension, and difficulty sleeping. Anxiety is also closely linked to depression, which can present as: feelings of worthlessness and helplessness, trouble concentrating, feelings of guilt, chronic pain, overeating or loss of appetite, persistent sadness or anxiety, and dig

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  4. Spring Cleaning And Detox

    Spring Cleaning And Detox

    As spring rolls around and we come out of winter hibernation, we often get the overwhelming urge to declutter, clean and organize our homes. This is often referred to as ‘spring cleaning and it has many positive benefits for your health, such as increasing

    productivity, energy levels, moods, alleviating allergy symptoms, decreasing stress levels, and increasing focus and concentration. There is a level of satisfaction that comes from cleaning your home and reaping the rewards of a tidier, more organized space.

    Spring isn’t just for cleaning our homes though, it’s also a time to cleanse our bodies. After a long winter on the couch, indulging in warming, comforting foods, spring provides the perfect opportunity to detox. Traditionally in Chin

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  5. Vitamin B12 is Effective for Detoxifying  Environmental Pollutants

    Vitamin B12 is Effective for Detoxifying Environmental Pollutants

    Vitamin B12 is well known for its many health benefits but scientists at the University of Manchester have found this nutrient is additionally of great value lowering the toxicity of many noxious pollutants that humans are regularly exposed to.

    After many years a research team at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology have pinpointed how Vitamin B12 is valuable in neutralizing some of the worst toxins.
    Led by Professor David Leys, researchers realized that certain organisms manage to lower the toxicity of pollutants. The secret lies in their ability to use Vitamin B12 to deal with the tricky halogen atoms found in common pollutants.

    We already know that some of the most

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