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  1. Women and Sport Nutrition The Female Athlete Triad

    Women and Sport Nutrition The Female Athlete Triad

    sports and exercise are healthy activities for girls and women of all ages. Occasionally, a female athlete who focuses on being thin or lightweight may eat too little or exercise too much. Doing this can cause long-term damage to health or even death. It can also hurt athletic performance or make it necessary to limit or stop exercise. Three interrelated illnesses may develop when a girl or young woman goes to extremes in dieting or exercise. Together, these conditions are known as the “female athlete triad"

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  2. Lavender Oil

    The rolling hills of Provence in France, teaming with endless rows of lavender, play host to spas, yoga studios, meditation, and mindfulness retreats, with the serene scent of lavender serving as inspiration. This versatile member of the mint family is employed as an ingredient for the staple of every kitchen in “herbes de Provence” and for many applications including potpourri, soaps , and candles; and for herbal pairings in hops pillows for sleep enhancements. However, the benefits of oral dosage for lavender oil is

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  3. Top 5 Things to Look for in Your Healthcare Practitioner

    Top 5 Things to Look for in Your Healthcare Practitioner

    Finding the right healthcare practitioner can be challenging. It is hard enough to find a medical doctor these days who is even accepting new patients! Aside from someone local, whose hours work with your schedule, and who you don’t have to wait two years to see, one of the most important things in your journey towards better health is to have a practitioner who you can trust and who supports you. Whether they are a medical doctor, specialist, naturopathic doctor, or another member of your healthcare team, I believe the following are the most important things to look for when finding yourself a healthcare practitioner.

    1. Is open to collaboration
    Most of the population these days doesn’t have just one healthcare provider. It’s so great to have multiple

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  4. Your Immune System is About to be Challenged

    Your Immune System is About to be Challenged

    Another season is upon us. The first colds threaten. Carb foods entice. The immune system is challenged. How should you feed it to best support its healthy function?


    Vitamin D – 3000 to 5,000 IU daily for most adults is safe and effective for the prevention of flus and colds. No other supplemented nutrient has been as extensively studied as vitamin D. If you are low in vitamin D, fewer Natural Killer cells (NK-cells) are formed, and your innate immune defenses a

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  5. Prostate Treatment

    There is growing evidence for the use of an ‘anti-inflammatory diet’ to protect against and relieve prostate problems. Similar to the Mediterranean diet, it involves eating plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, and healthy fats such as those found in fresh fish, nuts and avocados. There is no doubt that diet plays an important role in the maintenance of a healthy prostate. Many men find relief from an enlarged or inflamed prostate through a combination of lifestyle and dietary changes, and supplements for prostate health.

    Bell Peppers
    Different types of peppers have slightly different nutritional profiles. Bell peppers have the highest

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  6. Head Lice: What to do When Nothing Seems to Work

    Head Lice: What to do When Nothing Seems to Work

    There are four reasons why treatment of head lice can fail.

    Cause 1) the head lice treatment was not applied properly.

    In this situation, the chemical does not come into contact with the lice long enough at a high enough concentration. This is usually due to not covering all the hairs adequately with the chemical. Cover the hair from roots to ends with the product. One way to make sure that you have covered all the hair is to comb the product in with a normal comb. Check how you are applying the product and read the instructions on the package. If you have done all of this then application is not a problem.

    Cause 2) the lice are resistant to the insecticide used.


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  7. Organic Chlorella and Spirulina: The Original Green SuperFood

    Chlorella & Spirulina – The Perfect SuperFood Duo Better together. Naturally.

    Some foods just naturally belong together. So what can be better than combining two of the world’s most popular and beloved green energizers together into one of the super powerful, super convenient SuperFood duo?

    What is Chlorella & what does it do?

    Chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris) is one of the most ancient food plants known on earth. As single-celled fresh-water micro algae, chlorella floats on the water’s surface soaking up sunshine and converting it into green energy power cells!

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  8. Why Should You Care About Gut Health?

    The field of digestive health is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Disruptions to the digestive system have been implicated as a critical factor in seemingly unrelated disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, food allergies , and Type 2 Diabetes . But many people are acutely sensitive to digestive distress long before disease symptoms arise because the gut interacts with so many aspects of our physiology, from the nervous system to the endocrine system. While there’s no concrete evidence saying that restoring gut health will prevent

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  9. Supporting Your Fertility with Naturopathic Medicine

    Every time we tell people we are naturopathic doctors, the typical response is “Wow, that’s so cool! So what exactly do you do?” There are so many ways to answer this question, but the simplest way is to say we are trained in medical sciences, with a minimum of 7 years of post-secondary education, and we choose a variety of natural therapies such as diet, herbs, supplements, acupuncture and lifestyle counselling to help our patients. But what does that mean for you, the prospective fertility patient? How can we help you achieve your ultimate goal of having a baby and growing your family?

    The fertility journey is exceptionally difficult, and is an ever-growing problem. According to recent government statistics, 1 in 6 couples in Canada is struggling with infertility. Not only is there a significant emotional burde

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  10. Restless Legs Syndrome. You Eat Your Way into This

    Due to its peculiar nocturnal onset, Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a great destroyer of sleep. Often associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other dysbiosis, the incidence of RLS seems on the rise. Think ‘fidget spinners’.

    Neither conventional or natural medicine have advanced any cause or cure. This, from the Mayo Clinic: “There’s no cure for Restless Legs Syndrome, a poorly understood neurologic disorder…”1. Or, Dr. Andrew Weil, MD: “There is no known cause for RLS, although some researchers believe it may involve an imbalance in brain chemicals.”2. Some medicaments, supplements or therapies give occasional or partial relief. Symptom relapse is the norm.

    In 1988, DeLamar Gibbons, MD, once

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