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  1. Estrogen Dominance - Too much of a good thing?

    Wstrogen dominance is a clinical phenomenon that may affect women (or man) at any point in their life. Although estrogen is generally considered the main female sex hormone, there is such a thing as too much in women.

    Likewise, men do in fact require small amounts of estrogen but they too can suffer from estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is more often an issue in women, so the focus of this article will be estrogen dominance in women. The term "estrogen dominance" refers to when estrogen is in higher quantities than needed, and it's usually higher in relation to the other sex hormones. A woman's menstrual cycle is heavily dependent on four hormones: luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone

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  2. Of Sound Mind - Strategies and Tactics for Protecting  and Improving Brain Health.

    Of Sound Mind - Strategies and Tactics for Protecting and Improving Brain Health.

    T wo qualities of brain health that practically concern people are acuity and memory. Acuity relates to sharpness vs. fuzziness while memory concerns short and long term retention and recall. As an organ of the body the brain’s performance is a function of the nutrients and insults it is subjected to. Protecting and improving the operations of the brain involve three strategic considerations. You have to consciously think about these, make choices and act. Or not.
    Insults Things that actively impair brain function. Things you stop doing. Dietary insults lead the way. A couch potato lifestyle and a pizza and soda diet are bad for the brain. Readers already know what they have to do in these regards. Pharmaceutical insults are something else. Many prescription drugs have deleterious effects on brain function. For example, statin drugs, like Lipitor are especially bad. Statins make you stupid as they

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