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  1. Osteoarthritis and Curcumin

    Osteoarthritis and Curcumin

    Osteoarthritis is a chronic debilitating disease involving cartilage breakdown in specific joints of the body. The joints most commonly affected include the hips, knees, fingers, and spine. Classified as a “wear and tear” disease, osteoarthritis is most commonly triggered by joint use associated with aging; however, a predisposition can exist because of joint trauma, congenital defects, or metabolic disorders. Osteoarthritis is highly predominant in Canada. In fact, 1 in 10 Canadians suffer from osteoarthritis. Plants which are anti-inflammatory can potentially alleviate some of the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

    Cucumin is anti-inflamatory “Turmeric” is the common name of Curcuma longa, a tropical plant whose dark yellowish orange root pigment is a familiar ingredient in traditional Indian coo

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  2. Bone Health

    Bone Health

    Bone health continues to be a major cause of worry among women today. With a majority of the baby boom generation already at or near their menopausal years, many are swallowing Calcium supplements like there's no tomorrow in the hopes of reducing their chances of getting broken bones and/or hip fractures. Doctors are still routinely prescribing bisphosphonate drugs like fosamax/adrenolate along with calcium because they get better bone density results (despite the negative reports and side effects). Few are even questioning whether or not bone density is even a valid measure of bone

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