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  1. Children and a Wholesome Diet

    We live in a fast paced society where the nutritional aspect of foods is greatly overlooked. There is so much emphasis today on poor nutritional food supplements and meals via the media markets today, that it is often frustrating and difficult to plan nutritious meals, but it is not impossible. Because we are competing against market retailers that have discovered how to reach the appetites of our children through emotions and desires, it is essential to find alternative choices to present to them as better substitutes in their diets. The majority of the calories ingested during the day are often taste-enhanced refined foods or fast food from fast food restaurants.

    1. Just turn on the TV during

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  2. Healthy brains for our children

    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has become one of the most perplexing and prevalent disorders to arrive into our modern era. This condition, which was virtually unknown some fifty plus years ago, has reached by some estimates 3-10% of children and perhaps 1 to 6% of adults in North America. Various theories and treatments have been put forth since initial recognition of the disorder. While many may argue that this condition is probably being diagnosed far too often in what may simply be part of a child’s temperament, (this writer included), ADHD in its most extreme cases can be an extremely debilitating and difficult illness to treat. Even though no one has a definitive explanation as to its causes, probably due to the fact that the underlying factors are so complex, great strides have been made in putting some of the pieces of the ADHD puzzle together.


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