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  1. Sound Asleep

    Sound Asleep

    After a hard day's work, all we crave is a peaceful night’s sleep to help rejuvenate us for the next day. With all the day’s events and worries, and also those of the next day, the mind has a tough time shutting down. A good sleep helps us grow, avoid being sick, maintain our daily energy and keep us mentally stable.

    When trying to treat sleep disturbances, the most important thing to recognize is whether the person is having a tough time falling asleep OR are they having a tough time staying asleep. Next, one needs to figure out if stress and anxiety are creating the problem. Another important thing to clear up is whether shift work is creating the problem.

    There are many sleep supplements on the market, be it single or co

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  2. Proteins: What's the Confusion?

    Proteins: What's the Confusion?

    The main uses of protein are to maintain and build the immune system, along with repair, rebuild and retain lean muscle mass and most body masses.

    What type of proteins should I choose?

    There are many types of protein supplements, from many different companies, and it looks so overwhelming, but if we break it down into simple questions they become easier to understand. First of all, you must decide the source of protein that you want to ingest. The most common is dairy-based whey protein, but there are also vegetarian sources like rice, soy, hemp or pea. After deciding which source is best for you, then ask

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  3. An Introduction to Allergies

    An Introduction to Allergies

    Seasonal Allergies affect most people in the world today. An allergic reaction can be treated but not cured as drugs simply suppress the symptoms and make the situation better.

    springtime Allergies -
    These type of allergies are caused by the pollen from trees, which pollinate typically between January and April, depending on the climate and location.

    summertime Allergies -
    Grass pollen is typically the main cause of late spring and early summer allergies. Reactions to grass pollen can be enhanced if someone is mowing the lawn or lying in the grass.

    fall Allergies -

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