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Monthly Archives: March 2012

  1. Focus on Emotional Health - Bach Flower Remedies

    Many believe that emotions are at the root of all physical disease. This was certainly the case with Dr. Edward Bach, a well-respected British physician who abandoned his successful practice in the 1920’s to immerse himself in researching this very conviction. Dissatisfied with modern medicine’s focus on the treatment of disease, rather than its prevention, Dr. Bach turned to Nature for the answers. Years later, his dedicated work resulted in the identification of 38 flower essences, each of which is connected with a particular emotional state. Today, the Bach Flower Remedies are recognized and respected around the world as a gentle, yet effective way of returning the body to a state of emotional balance.


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  2. Nuts to Bad Cholesterol

    Nuts to Bad Cholesterol

    Walnuts can lower cholesterol.A new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition has found that walnuts lower LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol prevent bone loss, and even fight cancer.
    Researchers from the University of California, Davis fed mice with prostate tumors the human equivalent of three ounces of walnuts a day. At the conclusion of the study, the mice’s tumors shrunk by 50 percent, and tumor growth slowed by 30 percent compared to control mice.
    “These results make me very hopeful that walnuts may be beneficial both in terms of avoiding cancer and slowing cancer growth and therefore should be included in a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables,” said Dr. Paul Davis, lead researcher of the study. “If additional research determines that

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  3. Increasing Fertility through Detoxification

    Increasing Fertility through Detoxification

    When considering fertility ,one must consider toxicity.It is everywhere.

    1. It’s in the food we eat.

    2. The air we breathe.

    3. The products we use and even in bottled water.

    Awareness about toxins The key is being aware of these toxins and limiting the use of them in our daily lives. As our environment has become more toxic, infertility rates have skyrocketed. With the soaring popularity of alternative medicine, it’s no surprise that many couples are seeking alternatives to compliment traditional fertility treatments. One such option is

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