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  1. Go for the glutamine

    Feeling sore? Not recovering from your workouts fast enough?Trying to pack on size Well then, let’s talk about Amino Acids , particularly one of the most abundant amino acids in the body, glutamine.

    What is glutamine?
    Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, which means our bodies can make its own supply of glutamine. Glutamine can be found both in the blood stream and the musculoskeletal system. If you’re looking to get more glutamine from your diet, there are a few foods you can include: most dairy products

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  2. Replenish your body with electrolytes

    Physical activity, whether it’s running, biking, sports or gardening, all generate sweat. The sweat releases electrolytes and toxins to make our bodies healthier, but the loss of electrolytes must be replenished to maintain optimal health and improve stamina.

    Electrolytes are minerals:
    Electrolytes are mineral salts such as Calcium ,

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  3. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

    ADHD has become one of the most perplexing and prevalent disorders to arrive into our modern era. This condition, which was virtually unknown some fifty plus years ago, has reached by some estimates 3-10% of children and perhaps 1-6% of adults in North America. Various theories and treatments have been put forth since initial recognition of the disorder.
    While many may argue that this condition is probably being diagnosed far too often in what may simply be part of a child's tempramnet , ADHD in its most extreme cases can be an extremely debilitating and difficult illness to treat. Even though no one has a definitive explanation as to its causes, probably due to the fact that the underlying factors are so complex, great strides have been made in putting

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  4. Are there lab tests for low energy or fatigue?

    Yes, the good news is there are a few laboratory tests that can be used to determine what causes you to be tired or have low Energy .

    The first test that I recommend is thyroid function.
    The proper function of your thyroid hormone is vital for normal energy production, proper body temperature, ideal body weight and overall vitality. The tests that are usually ordered are TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), FT4 (free T4), FT3 (free T3) and the body temperature test.
    I usually don’t endorse the blood tests especially TSH because a lot of people with underlying thyroid conditions may show so called normal results even though they still feel tired. The

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  5. Could your back pain be piriformis syndrome?

    Could your back pain be piriformis syndrome?

    According to the World Health Organization, every year over two million people in North America undergo MRI scans to determine the origin of their leg and lower back/buttock pain. The term sciatica is often used to describe the problem and about 300,000 try to solve it through lumbar spine surgery. Unfortunately, the success rate is low and many find no relief from the pain or symptoms.

    Where is the piriformis muscle located?
    The piriformis sits around the hip and thigh and is involved in turning the hip out (external rotation). Though small in comparison to other muscles, it is crucial to providing a full range of motion. The piriformis courses behind the hip joint where the muscle and tendon have an intimate relationship with the sciatic nerve.
    As the largest nerve in the body, the sciatic

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  6. Mistletoe: good for more than just a kiss!

    When we think of mistletoe, we envision a wreath of green leaves and white berries hanging above a door, entitling one to a kiss. But what you may not know is that mistletoe is one of nature’s most ancient and highly revered plants both for its medicinal and ceremonial uses.
    The name mistletoe most likely comes from the Celtic word for “all-heal.” Having been used at one point or another for treating everything from nervous complaints to bleeding to tumours, it would take a small volume to document it all. Among its chief uses, however, is its ability to lower blood pressure and heart rate .Its most controversial use to date has been as an anti-cancer agent. Suzanne Somers created quite a stir when, against medical advice, she began using an in

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  7. New products you should know about

    Age Amadori is a product designed to inhibit advanced glycation end products (AGEs). In the body AGEs form when Proteins structure becomes useless when they are exposed to sugars, which causes crosslinking, stiffening and eventually loss of function. There are two vitamins in AGE Amadori that inhibit AGEs, they are pyridoxamine (a form of vitamin B6) and benfotiamine (fat soluble B1). These nutrients are known as amadorins, powerful inhibitors of AGEs. AGE Amadori also includes a balanced spectrum of other B Vitamins as well as PQQ, a cofactor in mitochondrial and collagen function.

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  8. No bones about it!-Osteoporosis advice

    Perhaps one of the biggest concerns facing women today is the threat of osteoporosis. With a majority of the baby boom generation already at or near their menopausal years, many are swallowing Calcium supplements like there’s no tomorrow in the hopes of reducing their chances of getting broken bones and/or hip fractures.

    Vitamin D did improve bone density scores
    A recent study revealed that while calcium supplementation with Vitamin D did improve bone density scores, they failed

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  9. Neprinol as an advanced anti-inflammatory aid

    Neprinol is a product formulated for any inflammatory or circulatory issue. Neprinol advanced fibrin defense is designed to regulate blood coagulation and dissolve exogenous Protein deposits, resulting in lower inflammatory levels and an improved circulatory response. It does this by lowering the levels of fibrin, a protein involved in blood clotting.

    As you may know, excessive amounts of fibrin can lead to thrombosis and inflammation. Blood contains an enzyme called plasmin that is involved in removing fibrin. In certain situations, however, some of us cannot remove excess fibrin due to inflammation. This is where a product like Neprinol

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  10. Natural relief for sinus infections

    Natural relief for sinus infections

    We’re back into the season of green grass once again, except not all of us are happy about it. If you’re one of the many people who suffer from sinus infections, then the sight of grass is your worst nightmare. Congestion, pressure pain and headaches are just some of the sinus related symptoms that people suffer from when they have sinus infection or inflammation. For a number of sinus sufferers there appears to be no end in sight, as the pain impairs their ability to engage in daily activities.

    How is it affecting you?
    Fortunately, there are ways to carry on with your normal life without those decongestants from drugstores. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. You have to look at all facets of your life and be prepared to make some lifestyle changes.

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